Anulom Vilom For Curing Depression

by Meenal

I am 26 years old girl. I am having severe depression since many years. I am taking medicine for this. Moreover, I started anulom vilom for 20 minutes every morning since 8 days. But till now anulom vilom has no effect on me. How much time anulom vilom will take to show result?


Hello Meenal

With yoga practice it is possible to get cured from depression. But, following issues are not clear from your submission:
~ Have you learned yoga before or have you started on your own?
~ What yoga sequence are you following or are you doing anulom vilom only?
~ In which pose you sit for doing anulom vilom?
~ How are you doing anulom vilom? Is the technique correct?
~ What are your stress levels? Are you working and what are the work timings?

We cannot specify the time duration for getting benefits by doing only a single asana or pranayam. Doing a single asana or pranayama is not recommended, it may not produce desired results as a balanced yoga sequence works on various organs of the body and brings harmony among them. Hope you are following the general guidelines for doing pranayama.

However, practicing of anulom vilom alone for 2 weeks or so can bring some relaxation and soothe the nerves. I suggest do a sequence of yoga asanas, relax for 3-5 minutes in shavasana, then do rhythmic deep breathing, anulom vilom and bhramri pranayama. After that do meditation or practice yoga nidra.

Before sleeping practice rhythmic breathing for few minutes and practice yoga nidra for 5-10 minutes.

Take adequate sleep and do yoga and pranayama early in the morning.

I recommend consult a yoga teacher locally or you can contact me with more details. A yoga teacher will correct your technique if required, reassure you and add to your self belief for better results.

Hope this helps.



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Feb 10, 2017
Anulom Vilom
by: Anonymous

Do 3 sets of Anulom Vilom 30 times each. Your depression will get over after 30 days. But continue the exercise and do it for at least a year.

Editors Note
Thanks for sharing your experience. You can provide more details for the benefit of our site visitors. Beginners who are new to yoga can start with three sets of 10 times each and gradually increase to three sets of 30 times.

Warm regards

Nov 19, 2016
please suggesst yoga pranayams.
by: Anonymous

Dear Sir,

I am 27 years old. I am suffering with my social anxiety, overthinking and low self esteem. It started more from 1 year. I can not sit in a comic situation. Feeling negative about me due to child hood event. Can not face any little jokes or hooting. My physical health is very fine and no any physical issue. I did sirshasana for 4 years and stopped it after marriage.

Now I started pranayam. I have no any serious issues in life. just a childhood abuse and due to that I always think negative about me and others. If I get rid of this then I am ok. I need yoga and pranayam schedule to get out of deep and negative thinking and get back in social situations. Please suggest yoga pranayama time length.

Editors Note
Need more details to give any advice. You may contact me for specific advice by filling up yoga therapy consultation form.

Warm regards

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