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Ask your questions about yoga. Yoga answers is for all yoga lovers who are on the path to discover and experience yoga. Yoga Answers is envisaged as an interactive space where our readers can ask questions/ doubts, share their valuable experiences.

Feel free to contribute to our small yoga community here. Or just take your time and browse Yoga Answers. Yoga questions and answers are interactive. Readers can interact on existing pages by using the comment form.

What is Yoga Answers?

Ask Questions. Ask your questions related to any one of the yoga answer categories.

  • Participate. You can share your knowledge and participate in the discussion by commenting on the webpages build for yoga answers.
  • Share Your Experience With Yoga. You can write your experiences by submitting your experience under various yoga answer categories.
  • Interactive Comments. Ask your questions in relevant category.
  • Register As A Yoga Expert. You can register as a Yoga Expert and will have your own page at this site where visitors can ask your questions directly related to your area of expertise. For registering as yoga expert, please contact us.

How yoga answers work?

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Find the answers to your yoga questions.  Please go through the questions to know most frequent queries by our visitors and their valuable contributions in sharing their yoga knowledge.

Yoga Questions And Answers

Yoga Answers, How it Works?

Your questions about yoga will be answered on this site itself so that others can also read the questions and contribute. It's free and it's very easy to do.

What You Can Do?

  • Submit your contribution, questions or experiences and preferably upload your picture also.
  • Your questions about yoga and my answer to it will be build as a webpage on this site (Wow!). If your submission is about your yoga experience it will be as such build into a webpage.
  • You will get a live web page with your name and photograph (if loaded) on this site, which you can show off to your friends and family.
  • Thereafter, you can also ask follow up questions or post further updates through comment on your own page.

How Site Visitors Can Benefit?

  • You can read questions asked by other visitors as most of the queries of yoga beginners are similar.
  • Yoga Answers pages are interactive where you can contribute further on the subject by adding your valuable suggestions or ask further questions using comment form given at the bottom of the page.

Check back soon to view the answers. I'll do my best to give my personal reply within 4-5 working days. Better participation will ensure better quality of answers.

If you want to ask a personal question to be answered by e-mail, you can submit your question here to get a personalised response.

Before asking your question, please check if the information is already available on this site by using site search provided at the end of this page.

Yoga Answers: Guidelines For Questions/ Answers

Asking Questions About Yoga. You are free to ask yoga questions related to yoga, yoga and health or yoga and fitness. Please explain your question in detail so as to help us understand what you're asking. Include enough information about your question, otherwise your question may not be answered. Submitting a photo is recommended.

No Affiliate Links. Please do not include affiliate links in your answers/questions. You can place a link to your own site, ebook or your video on

Sharing Of Knowledge. Sharing your knowledge is a great way to help and be helped, to make a positive contribution to society.

Link To Your Sources. While answering questions you can link back to any web page which provides valuable information and does not have predominant commercial content.

Categorise your questions about yoga in appropriate category.

Yoga Answers is strictly controlled, submissions not conforming to above mentioned guidelines will be rejected. We reserve the right to revise these guidelines at any time and without notice.

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