Yoga For Inflexible People

Yoga for inflexible people comprises a change of lifestyle which includes healthy diet, proper rest/ relaxation and regular yoga practice. This will help you to improve your flexibility to attempt advanced yoga poses which require a high degree of flexibility. People who need to improve flexibility for various sports can also include yoga after their usual training exercises. With regular yoga practice, a person with rigid body will gain flexibility of all body parts. 

Yoga  For Flexibility

When starting your yoga practice you may feel that you are not able to do most of the asanas as it requires a flexible body. For example, most of the people are not able to sit comfortably in sukhasana (comfortable seating pose), vajrasana or padmasana which are essential for doing pranayama. You will not be able to get full benefits of yoga practice if you are not able to do padmasana. If you can sit comfortably in padmasana, then you are miles ahead in your quest for flexibility.

Yoga for Inflexible People

Yoga stretching can provide you the desired flexibility but it takes time and you should have strong determination to do regular yoga practice. For improving the flexibility at a faster rate, you can practice the asanas to increase flexibility at least two times a day. If your age is less, getting your flexibility back will be easier. Practice yoga stretches for 15 to 30 minutes at least two times a day. Flexibility improvement depends equally on your mental determination, diet and your yoga practice.

Tips To Improve Flexibility

  • Yoga stretches should always be gradual and gentle. Hold each stretch in a static position for 10 to 20 seconds, allowing the muscle to lengthen slowly. Stretch only to the point where you feel comfortable, if it hurts stop. Gradually over a period of time, increase the duration of stretch up to 30 seconds and stretch your body slightly more each time. Also increase the number of repetitions gradually. Do not hurry, do the movements slowly while concentrating on the body part getting stretched. Warm up first before starting stretching, warm muscles, tendons, and ligaments are more flexible and stretch more easily; stretching cold muscles can cause injury. After the yoga asanas, do rhythmic breathing and alom vilom for 10 minutes at least. In the end, relax in shavasana for 10 minutes.
  • Start with a generic yoga sequence and do easy asanas which you are able to do comfortably. Follow this generalised yoga sequence for 3-4 weeks to tone up the body before concentrating on specific asanas to improve flexibility. If your body is not balanced doing few specific yoga poses for flexibility will not help.
  • Do not attempt to stretch your body beyond limits as this may result in yoga related injury.
  • Your flexibility will improve with practice of yoga asanas, but to see appreciable improvement you have to do regular practice for 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Flexibility will improve once your weight is reduced and toxins are removed from our body and you will feel lighter.
  • Take control of your diet. Avoid tea, coffee, sodas and all type of junk food. Include more of leafy vegetables in your diet, eat raw vegetables as salads. This type of simple food will be easy to digest and same energy you can utilise for more exercise. Also, you will be able to reduce weight.
  • You should be regular in your yoga practice.
  • Take proper sleep.

After your body is conditioned, focus on asanas for improving flexibility. Do yoga twice a day or  do more repetitions. Yoga for inflexible people should focus on these asanas.

    konasana, trikonasana, kamarchakrasana, hanuman asana, baddha konasana, janushirasana, padmasana, paschimotanasana and dhanurasana

Whenever possible in the day, sit on your yoga mat in sukhasana, padmasana or vajrasana. You can sit in vajrasana even after taking meals. After dinner sit in vajrasana till you feel comfortable. Keep practicing half padmasana till you can get padmasana comfortably.

If you can eat a simple nutritious food, yoga for inflexible people exercises can tremendously improve your flexibility. You can expect good results in 4 to 6 weeks. But remember, be regular.

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