Yoga For Fit Body And Glowing Face

My age is 25. After getting my marriage, due to my spouse work, I can't sleep earlier and also wake up. My sleeping time is around 1 am to 8 am. My weight is 50 kg and weight is 163cm. It's correct weight. But I am not fit. I have stomach belly and hip side over muscles. Face is also fluffy. Face fully look tried. What should I to do fit? Help me. What type of yoga and diet should I follow?


As you are taking about seven hour sleep which should be sufficient for providing your the required rest for your body.

You are feeling these issues most likely due to lack of sufficient exercise. Lack of exercise or sedentary lifestyle can lead to lethargy, poor blood circulation, poor digestion and lack of energy. Therefore, you can start with say one hour yoga in the morning and in addition go for half an hour to one hour walk in the evening. Your yoga sequence should include yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation. Yoga asanas will provide required strength to your muscles and body organs, pranayama will provide the required relaxation, meditation will provide peaceful state of mind. Following this routine for a month will give you some good results. As you eat better and do regular exercise, tone and texture of your skin will improve gradually.

You can start with a one hour yoga class five to six days a week. If you have not done yoga before, get enrolled in a yoga class. If you have done yoga before, you can try to start a home practice.

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Also, you need to ensure that you start eating as per yogic diet philosophy. High nutrition content and quality of food is essential for maintaining a healthy body. It is advisable to seek advice for incorporating improvements in your dietary intake.

Hope this helps.

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