Yoga Sequence for Beginners

by Jooly Babu
(Dubai, UAE)

I need correct instructions to do my yoga exercises. I am a 31 years lady. I am out of shape. I want both mental and physical fitness. I have no medical problems. I want to reduce weight. Any special diet? What is the proper time to do yoga?..Jooly Babu

As you are physically fit presently, it will be worth while to start yoga to stay healthy later into old age. Asanas will provide you physical fitness and improve our awareness, while pranayama has a soothing effect on our nervous system and improves mental health.

Instructions for starting yoga
If you have access to a yoga teacher, it will be beneficial to get starting lessons so that the basic alignment of poses and pranayama technique is corrected. However, you can start with this basic yoga sequence for beginners.

1. Early morning before sunrise is the best time for yoga preferably in the open (If outside temperature permits). There should be no disturbance or sound. Get up early in the morning, drink 2-3 glasses of water and empty your bowels. Yoga will not be effective if your motions are not clear. Make changes to your diet so as to avoid constipation.

2. Study carefully and remember the yoga sequence you want to follow. Most of the asanas given here are easy, follow the asanas and pranayama sequentially. In the beginning, leave the asanas you feel too difficult.

3. After the yoga practice, do not eat anything. After half an hour preferably take a glass of warm milk.

4. You can repeat pranayama exercise once in the evening, provided you have not eaten anything for three hours.(You can drink water, but do not fill your stomach)

5. Have an early dinner, dinner should be light. Thereafter, take a short walk for 15 minutes or sit in vajrasana for five to ten minutes, it will aid digestion.

6. If you are having a sedentary lifestyle become more active physically, or in your spare time go for long walks with your family.

7. Go to bed as early as possible to have a good night's
sleep to get up fresh in the morning.

For weight loss. For weight loss you require strong determination. Most of the battle is won when we make a firm resolve for weight loss and follow it up. Restraint in eating, regular exercise and lifestyle changes may be required. Restraint in eating does not mean dieting or going without food, just include lot of fresh vegetables, fruits and sprouts to your existing diet (reduce the portions). Drink plenty of water.

In addition to mental conditioning and diet control, yoga practice will improve your blood circulation, improve functioning of endocrine system and gives stimulation to most of the internal organs. Yoga practice can ensure reduction of body weight and conditioning of body shape simultaneously. Do yoga practice for a month before you stand on the weighing machine to see the results. Your body will only tell you the difference.

The asanas beneficial for losing weight are
ushtrasana, bhujangasana, uttanpada asana, pawan muktasana, shalabhasana, janushirasana, yoga mudra, vajrasana and dhanurasana. Gradually improve your expertise in these asanas and hold these poses for longer duration (till you feel comfortable).

Do alom vilom (do as long as possible) and kapalabhati pranayama also helps to reduce weight. (Caution : go slow with kapalabhati pranayama, increase the number of repetitions very gradually)

After three weeks of practice try sarvanghasana, halasana and surya namaskar asana. Also try these exercises for weight loss from hips and abdomen area.

Diet for losing weight
1. Avoid excess of carbohydrates (rice, potato, sweets)and fats.

2. Avoid alcoholic drinks, aerated drinks, sugar, tea and coffee.

3. Avoid snacks and late night meals.

4. Eat freshly prepared food.

5. Use more of raw food or whole grain food.

6. There is no need to diet, just be aware of the food you eat and exercise restraint while eating.

I conclude by saying that for optimum results, yoga practice requires lot of discipline, ranging from bowel movement to food timings and sleep timings.

Hope this helps


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Feb 11, 2014
Yoga and pranayam sequence for ankylosing spondylitis patient
by: Ajai Wadode


This Ajai. This is my first visit to your website and I am really impressed. Everything that I need to know is explained in detail.
I am a male 27years old and have been suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis from last 9 yrs. I have lost some mobility in spine and not able to stoop or bend as my spine has become little rigid in torso section. Also it really hurts and I am not able to get proper sleep.
I would really appreciate if you can tell me the proper sequence of Yoga and Pranayamas aimed at releiving my pain and giving me better physical and mental capacity.
You can write to me at

Thanks once again. Keep up the good work.

Jul 26, 2010
True Revelation of Yoga
by: R V Katote

I am 54 years old and perform anulom vilom and Kapalbhati routinely. I am immensely benefited due to regular Yoga. I do not have BP/ Heart problem etc. My sugar is normal. In my opinion every Indian should be a disciple of Yoga. Yoga is not an exercise but it is a lifestyle.

Editor's Notes
Yes, regular practice is the key. It is heartening to note that you have found your way to health with yoga and lifestyle changes. Yoga involves conditioning of mind, body and thinking. Yoga also involves positive thinking and positive action to lead an active and healthy life. It is said in Geeta "Renunciation and Yoga of action both lead to the highest bliss; but out of the two, Yoga of action is superior to the renunciation of action".

So we can say practicing yoga, moderation in life, hard work and staying focussed constitute a winning strategy. Discovering our own unique path to happiness and health is one facet of yoga.


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