Yoga Workout Tips For Starting Yoga

These yoga workout tips will be useful for starting yoga practice at home. These tips include essential guidelines for maximising benefits from yoga practice. Yoga is more than a physical exercise. Your mental make up while doing asanas also matters. Start yoga with faith and determination, it has the potential to change your life and personality. 

Time For Yoga

  • Early morning, one to two hours before sunrise is best time for yoga as preferred by yogis. Bowels must be passed before doing yoga. You may take bath before yoga practice. Be patient, it takes time to set to new routine.
  • Otherwise there is no sacrosanct time for yoga. You can practice yoga anytime of the day. Only precaution is that your stomach must be empty at time of doing yoga. Meals should be taken 3 hours prior to yoga practice, but you can drink water if thirsty.
  • Preferably fix a particular time of the day for yoga, it will help you to maintain regular yoga practice.
  • All Yoga exercises should be performed on the hard floor, using a rug or mat for support.
  • Ideal place for doing yoga is outdoors, if weather permits. For indoors practice, place for doing yoga should be spacious, well ventilated and without any disturbances.
  • To get better results, earmark about 30 minutes to one hour daily for yoga practice.

 Making Up Your Mind For Starting Yoga Poses

  • The yoga asanas must always be approached with a peaceful state of mind.
  • Fill your mind with thoughts of peace and serenity, turn your thoughts inward and away from materialistic world.
  • Make sure you are not tired to the extent that you are unable to concentrate on asanas.

During The Pose

  • Concentrate deeply on the asana you are doing. Focusing your concentration on the body part being affected by a particular asana will bring maximum benefit.
  • While doing an asana, your breathing is very important. Follow the specific instructions for breathing if applicable for a given asana. Otherwise, practice normal breathing which must be rhythmic.

Yoga Workout Tips For Beginners

  • Approach your task with patience and perseverance. If your body is not flexible, you may find it difficult to do most of the asanas. Do not worry if at first you cannot do the asanas properly, it will become easier with repetition. Stiff muscles and joints will gradually ease up.
  • In the beginning, you may start with easy asanas that you can do easily and rhythmic breathing.
  • As a beginner, always remember to rest for few seconds between two asanas. The  time of rest depending on the physical exertion put in the asana just completed.
  • Wear comfortable cotton clothes.
  • Practice moderation in food and drinks.
  • Avoid junk food and try to eat fresh fruits, milk, vegetables. This will help your body's natural process of eliminating toxic waste products from your body.
  • A good nights sleep is a mandatory for profitable yoga practice.
  • Have a diet rich in fiber so as to avoid constipation as it is hurdle for yoga practice. With regular yoga practice and proper diet, you can say goodbye to constipation.
  • Practice shavasana for relaxation.


  • Smoking should be strictly prohibited. If you are a habitual smoker, start yoga and try to overcome your urge for smoking.
  • Women should not practice yoga during menstruation. During pregnancy yoga must be done under supervision.
  • Below 12 years of age yoga postures should be practiced under supervision. Poses are  not be practiced for long duration and are to be maintained for very short duration.

Yoga Workout Tips For Moderation in Life

  • For optimum benefits of yoga, refrain from excess of eating, drinking or late night parties.
  • Control your emotions of anger, greed, lust, haughtiness etc. Follow these simple rules to live a simple life.

Analogy With Your Car

I am sure you will always use the best engine oil for your car, get it serviced at proper intervals, you will immediately respond to any abnormal noise from your car. Are we equally serious with our body with respect to what we eat, do we take proper rest and sleep etc? Be very conscious of nutrition value of food you eat everyday. We can ignore our body's triggers for rest and rejuvenation only at the cost of our health.

Faith And Positive Affirmations For Yoga

  • Have faith in yourself and in yoga. Positive affirmations and positive thinking are an ideal complement to practice of yoga.
  • Your own frame of mind is what will determine the final success of your yoga endeavour.

These yoga workout tips are for guidance, you are advised to make your own checklist for yoga practice.

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