Yoga For Abdomen And Heavy Hips

by Lima

I am a 29-year-old female who gave birth an year ago to twin babies. I had the problem of big hips and abdomen when I was about 23 and now it has worsened. I am a non-vegetarian. Can you please suggest me which yoga exercise will help me to lose this ugly fat around my hips and stomach and also the diet that would help me to lose the weight.

Additional Details. I am working from home as a medical transcriptionist and it is a continuous sitting job. I do not have any major health issues other than becoming a bit tired. I must say that I am a non-vegetarian and in fact eat more though I know it is not good.

I went to a nearby yoga class. I do not know anything about Yoga and that was the first time I was attending a yoga class. The yoga teacher there made us do all the exercises for around 1-1/2 hour. I came back home and till evening I was okay. The next day I couldn't get up from my bed. I had very bad catches that I couldn't even walk or bend, in fact do nothing for three days and my complexion on that day was completely black and after that day I couldn't go for yoga classes again.



Strong determination. There can be number of ways to lose weight but you cannot achieve long lasting weight loss without strong determination. Yoga will help you to lose weight as well as gradually balance your mind and body and increase your self awareness. More than weight loss, it is an exercise which can save a person from a number of lifestyle diseases. You can follow these guidelines:

  • Do yoga regularly. You can supplement yoga with cycling, swimming or jogging. For you, I recommend take long walks.

  • Take proper rest, sleep for relaxation.

  • Simplify your diet for maximum nutrition and low calories.

  • Try to be cheerful at all times, positive emotions will help you to avoid binge eating.

Starting yoga. For starting yoga, you have to start gradually and it is advisable not to do too much in first day. Though yoga seems to be very simple exercises, but you can get yoga related injuries if you over stretch your body. This is especially applicable for yoga beginners who have sedentary life styles. Although you can start yoga at home, but it will be ideal if can take help from a yoga teacher. Ask your yoga teacher to start you with simple asanas at first and then proceed to difficult ones. For starting home practice you can just start with yoga breathing and thereafter relax in shavasana.

Here is a link to losing weight for working women. You can lay more stress on some of the most effective weight loss exercises, start with just five to ten repetitions and increase the repetitions gradually. Do these specific exercises with other yoga asanas.

Whenever you feel tired, lie down on your yoga mat in shavasana for five to ten minutes and do deep breathing.

Diet. Follow a simple diet. Reduce your intake of non vegetarian food or at least do not use too much oil in cooking. Increase intake of salads, green vegetables and fruits. You need to reduce your food intake at the same time increasing your yoga exercise and walking. One tip I use is to eat lot of salad with meals, this way I get stomach full feeling, at the same time consuming less of calories. Salads and vegetables provides lot of nutrients as well as act as natural source of dietary fiber.

First thing in the morning, take fresh lime juice with one spoon honey in luke warm water. For breakfast, avoid carbohydrates and take only combination of fruits, boiled vegetables, salads with lime juice or olive oil dressing(use cucumber, cabbage, tomato, onion, bits of ginger, garlic) and sprouts.

For late morning or evening snacks, take a glass of milk and a biscuit or handful of nuts in the morning. Avoid fried stuff or junk food as snacks. Instead of snacks, eat fruits.

For lunch and dinner, forcibly eat one or two bowls of salads before taking a bite of food.

As you have to sit for long time in front of computer, avoid constipation by eating enough salads, fruits and drinking lot of water.


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