How To Lose Tummy Fat

by Tarveen Sahni

I am a working women and my routine is to sit in front of PC for eight hrs due to which I realised that I have gained a lot of extra fat around my stomach. Please suggest some yoga exercises which I can do at home as I don't get time to go for any fitness center.


Hello Tarveen

Yoga practice should be able to make you a fit person. With yoga you must aim to become a fit person, that way we concentrate on positive feelings of fitness instead of negative feelings when you think of weight loss. Stress on fitness and weight loss will follow. A healthy nutritious diet is a must for achieving permanent weight loss. If your age is more than 30 years, you may need changes to your lifestyle for permanent weight loss.

First, you have to set your weight loss goals. Please set up modest goals as weight loss with yoga takes time. But once you lose weight through yoga, it is easy to maintain weight with regular exercise and diet control.

Write down your plan which may include changes for a nutritious diet, reserve time for exercise, select the exercises to reduce weight etc. Remember, to reduce weight, most important thing is your determination. Make a mental picture of yourself as a slim person and try to program your mind for getting fit.

For people working on computers it is essential to maintain correct posture while working, especially take care of your back and neck. Try to keep yourself mentally relaxed at all times.
Avoid Tea/ Coffee

Yoga for weight loss.

I assume you can spare 45 minutes for yoga. I suggest you start your home practice with few simple asanas and pranayama. After a month review your performance. Once you become confident, then only attempt difficult poses.

First do asanas (say 25 minutes), then pranayama (15 minutes) and in the end relax in shavasana for 5 to 10 minutes.

Yoga Mudra
Sarpasana (Effective for weight loss)
Pawanmukta asana
Effective Asanas for Abdomen

After a month add these
Surya Namaskar

Deep Rhythmic Breathing
Alom Vilom

At Work

1. Try to stay calm and stress free. Proper deep breathing will help you to keep balanced and calm.

2. Try to sit on the chair with back straight without taking support of chair back. It will not be easy initially, but with consistent efforts, make it a habit to sit straight. This will in turn help in better breathing.

3. Even while working, take deep breaths with equal time for inhalation and exhalation. Do not hold breath. Initially try this deep breathing whenever you remember to do it. Over a period of time, it will become a habit to sit straight and breathe deeply. Also, rhythmic breathing will help you to gradually reduce your breathing rate which is good for a person with sedentary lifestyle (e.g. working on computers).

4. Whenever under pressure, close your eyes for a while and do deep breathing for five minutes.

At Home
After coming back from work, if you feel too much tired take rest in shavasana and do rhythmic deep breathing for five minutes.

Sit in vajrasana after dinner or take a 15 minute walk.


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Feb 19, 2017
weight loss
by: Kirti

I am 30 year old. Since July 2016 my weight is increasing. Now my weight is 65kg. My height is 5' 2". I am suffering from pcos,thyroid since Jan 2017. I have a 5 year daughter. I am taking light diet, do walk and exercise but weight is increasing.

Editors Note
Cannot comment on this. You need to consult a doctor for proper checks and diagnosis. You may contact me with more details after that.

Hope it helps

Jul 03, 2015
weight reduce after having baby
by: Anonymous

I am not able to reduce weight after C section. Now i am not feeding my baby wants to reduce weight. Please suggest what should i do?


Editors Note
Please go through the following webpage
Reduce tummy after C Section

If you need further help, please do contact me.

Warm regards

Jun 18, 2015

Hello Daljit Ji,

First time I am going to write you. I hope you will answer my queries point wise very patiently. I suddenly discovered this site and it is very very useful which never seen before..................................


Editors Note

I have replied to your queries on the following webpage
Lose upper body weight with yoga

Warm regards

May 13, 2015
No Weight Loss
by: Vini

I am 13 year old. My weight us 66 Kg, I cannot reduce weight. Please give me a remedy.

Editors Note
Start with a regular exercise plan and eat healthy to lose weight. There is no alternative to disciplined eating.

Warm regards

May 10, 2015
Weight Loss
by: nagalakshmi

Daily I am taking chinnamon and honey. I am having sugar 190, age 51 yrs, weight 89, I am walking daily 1/2hr only. Can I take triphala for weight loss?

Editors Note
Hello Nagalakshmi,
You can take triphala. But exercise more and seek guidance regarding your diet also for effective weight loss.

All the best

Apr 03, 2015
Thank you for good info
by: Helen

Awesome article! Very clear descriptions! I started to practice mudras not so long time ago, but I definitely feel the results on myself. If you want to know more about yoga mudras, I would recommend you the book of Sundar Rushdie, the title is "23 best mudras for weight loss". I bought it two weeks ago on Amazon and I LOVE it! He has a series of such books.

Oct 24, 2013
surya namaskar or deep pranayama
by: Anonymous

which is I do first surya namaskar or deep pranayama ?

Dec 24, 2009
whole day natural activities for all
by: Ramakrishna

I am very much impressed and felt that these whole day activities can be followed by all age groups. As I am practicing some activities mentioned by you. Now I strongly believe that other yoga practices for entire day is easily adaptable. I am implementing from today as I felt the outcome will be good health.

Thank you, please post more and more articles.

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