Yoga Nidra For Deep Relaxation And Rejuvenation

Yoga Nidra can be defined as "conscious deep sleep". The Sanskrit word 'Nidra' means "sleep". It is a kind of deep sleep in which you don't loose consciousness while still getting the benefits of deep sleep. Normally, your intellectual mind is operating but when you relax, the sub-conscious levels of mind open up. You get connected to a source of infinite intelligence which can increase your creativity, imagination which is not possible with rational mind. Remember, you sometimes close your eyes when you have to take a tough decision.

Need For Deep Sleep And Good Health

Good health essentially depends on the quality of sleep. Normally, when people sleep, they do not forget all their worries, frustrations, failures etc completely. Hence, they never gets deep sleep. Proper rest is not achieved which is essential for working of body and to face the challenges of next day.

Human mind is always engrossed in external activities and does not bother to pay attention to vital organs. Should we choose to activate the inner mind at least once a day and pay proper attention to all the vital organs of our body, we will certainly grow healthier. We will be able to re-strengthen these organs by ensuring a proper circulation of prana shakti available in the body. It is an effective form of mental and physical rest and aids rejuvenation, you will get rid of diseases. Yoga nidra is the effective yoga for stress relief.

Steps For Yoga Nidra

  • Lie down in shava asana and bring your breath under control.
  • Now concentrate on each of the following body parts one by one spending 15 to 20 seconds on each body part.
  • On the left leg : Finger of feet, sole,ankle joint, calf,knee joint and thigh
  • On right leg : Finger of feet, sole,ankle joint, calf,knee joint and thigh
  • Genitals
  • Navel
  • Abdominal Organs
  • Heart (with some practice you will be able to hear your heartbeat)
  • Right lung followed by left lung
  • Left arm : fingers palm, head and shoulder
  • Right arm : fingers palm, head and shoulder
  • Throat
  • Chin
  • Teeth
  • Tongue
  • Right nostril followed by left nostril
  • Right ear followed by left ear
  • Right eye followed by left eye
  • Center of eyebrows
  • Concentrate on whole body (bones, muscles, skin), feel body is getting lighter.
  • Concentrate on blood flowing in the blood vessels.
  • Concentrate on the flow of breath.
  • Feel that whole body is getting relaxed, lighter.

Some of you may go into a deep sleep in this state of relaxation. Follow the procedure of awareness returning to your body in the same sequence as mentioned above for relaxing your body. Rub your hands so that they become warm and place your palm on your eyes.


  • You must practice yoga nidra regularly, after your yoga practice or before going to sleep.
  • In few days, you will realise that special kind of energy is overflowing you body. You will feel more active and energetic.
  • You must practice yoga nidra regularly, after your yoga practice or before going to sleep.
  • If you regularly practice yoga nidra, whenever you have any physical ailment, lie down is shava asana and concentrate on the affected part. Suggest yourself that trouble is gone and there is no longer any pain. In about 10-20 second you will feel that the pain is gone.

Once a week you can practice a long yoga nidra session for complete relaxation. Here is a link from  to  free yoga nidra session of 33 minutes. Lie down in shavasana and listen to the instructions.


  • Provides much needed rest for mind and body. It is ideal yoga for relaxation.
  • Extremely effective in relaxing mind and body. Develops memory, increases self-knowledge and enhances creativity.
  • It is ideal yoga for insomnia. You get relaxed, a satisfying sleep is assured.
  • Cures high stress levels, stress related disorders like hypertension, depression, asthma and digestive disorders.
  • When muscular tensions are released, it heals nervous system and endocrine system imbalances.
  • You get more energy, freshness and strength. This brings more harmony in your body.
  • Regular practice will relax you completely and can put a glow on your face over a period of time.


  • Do not sleep while doing yoga nidra. If you sleep, the process of relaxation is not completed and you will not get optimum benefit.
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