Shava Asana (Corpse Pose) 

The Asana For Relaxation

Shava asana derives its name from "Shava" is a Sanskrit word meaning "dead body". In this asana, the state of body takes the posture of a dead person. Therefore, this asana is also known as "corpse pose". This asana is called so because every limb becomes relaxed while doing this asana. Though this asana looks very simple, it has immense benefits for relaxation and almost everybody can do it.


  • Lie down in supine position on a yoga mat/ carpet.
  • Keep both the legs a little apart about one to one and a half feet from each other.
  • Keep both the hands a little away from the side of the body.
  • Now let the left toe point towards the left and right toe towards the right.
  • Head may be kept straight or may be inclined towards the left or right.
  • Palm should face upwards.
  • Whole body should be in a straight line and relaxed.
  • Close your eyes gently.
  • Imagine that the entire body is relaxed. This way each and every organ of the body will get relaxed. Concentrate your mind on your body parts from toe to your head and feel your body is getting lighter.
  • While in this asana carry out normal rhythmic breathing.


  • This asana is used for giving rest to body after doing an asana while carrying out asanas in supine position.
  • Also at the end of your daily yoga routine, carry out this asana for relaxation.
  • Whenever you are too tired to do any other asana, you can practice this asana only for relaxation.
  • Have no tension in your mind, try to forget all your worries, stress inducing thoughts and feel you are getting relaxed.

Benefits of Shava Asana

  • Body becomes relaxed, fatigue vanishes and body feels lighter.
  • It reduces high blood pressure and regulates respiratory system.
  • It is very effective in ensuring sound sleep. This will make you more calm, alert and energetic the next day.
  • Those who are suffering from insomnia can practice this asana or Yoga Nidra before going to sleep.
  • It helps to cure heart disease, insomnia, nervous debility, mental imbalance and lack of memory etc.


  • Do not fall asleep during this asana (as it may induce sleep). If you go to sleep, you will not get full benefit.
  • After doing this asana your body is completely relaxed, do not get up with a jerk. Gradually open your eyes, and get up slowly.
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