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by Jaydeep

Hi Daljit.. Saw many comment over here. Thought of asking you few things about yoga. I already practice yoga with the help of online links last year. But was not satisfied may be cause I was doing it early morning (6:50 A.M)and I use to feel very drowsy. Please suggest me. I would be really grateful to you if you reply to my queries. Thanks in advance.

Q1. Correct time to do yoga. Can I eat chapati and egg in breakfast before doing yoga?

Ans. You should do yoga early morning. Before doing yoga do not eat anything, but you can drink lime juice. If you get up at say 7 A.M. After getting up drink lime juice, freshen up, try to clear you bowels and then do yoga say from 7:30 A.M to 8:30 A.M. Do your breakfast at 9 A.M. Sleep for around 7 hours so that your body gets desired rest so that you do not feel drowsy after or during yoga.

Q2. I even go to gym( tread mill and elliptical). So should I go to gym first and then do yoga or vise versa. My weight is 67 kg. I want to reduce it in a healthy manner. I'm a vegetarian. I do take lemon in luke warm water every day.

Ans. If you want to do both, first go to gym, then take 10-15 minutes rest and do yoga. For reducing weight reduce your calorie intake and do exercise and yoga daily.

Yoga for weight reduction
Yoga for Abdomen
Triphala powder for weight loss

Q3. Can you please suggest me few poses or suryanamaskar that I should follow everyday? I usually get up at 7 A.M.

Ans. Do 12 surya namaskars followed by a generic yoga sequence,
Generic Yoga Sequence For Beginners

Here is a video of surya namaskars for beginners.

Q4. I have acidity problem. So can you please suggest poses to over come that even.

Ans. Eat well balanced yogic diet and avoid all foods that produce acidic residue like non vegetarian food, sugar, tea, coffee, soft drinks, pickles, packaged and frozen foods. Take meals on time. Try to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Practice more of yoga nidra, sheetali pranayama and bhramri pranayama.

Hope your queries are addressed satisfactorily.

Warm regards

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Yoga asanas and query related to yoga
by: Jaydeep

Hello Daljit,

We already had a discussion on yoga asanas in my previous comment few months back. These days I'm doing treadmill and cycling for 1 hour and and then after taking 15 mins break I am doing few yoga asanas like naukasana, bhujangasana,Parvatasana followed by virabhadrasana. I tried doing suryanamaskar also. I am taking breakfast at 8:45 A.M and going gym at 10 A.M.

So few question related to above routine.

1. How many rounds of these above asanas should I do?

Editors Note You may hold these asanas for 10 seconds and repeat once or twice.

2. Are these asanas ok for reducing thighs and buttock fats? What else asanas should I follow for reducing my lower body?

Editors Note In addition to these asanas, you can add shalabh asana, dhanurasana and trikonasana.

3) I'm not comfortable in doing suryanamaskar. Sometime I'm able to do it very nicely and sometime I'm not able to do even a single round of suryanamaskar. I feel heaviness.

Editors Note Try doing yoga and surya namaskar on empty stomach by say 6 A.M.

4) I sometime feel as if upper chest is paining or heaviness in upper chest. I already had check up with doctors last year. It's all due to gas. I have acidity issues. Nothing came up in any reports. They say I take lots of stress. It's anxiety.

Editors Note You may take easily digestible food at fixed timings.

5. You have already shared the link for other asanas for reducing fats but I'm very confused which one should I follow specifically beause there are many asanas in that link. See it's not easy to do all the given asanas in that link. So can you please help me with few specific asanas related to reducing lower body (thighs and buttock or bumps). My upper body is good but need to work on lower body so that I follow them with full determination.

Editors Note Yoga aims for all better health of all body organs and muscles in a balanced way. Therefore we need to do different asnas for various parts of the body in a yoga session. You may follow the generic yoga sequence for beginners. In addition keep on doing suryanamaskars and yoga exercises for weight loss.


Please suggest me
by: Anonymous


I am doing night shift from 6.30 PM to 4 A.M. please suggest to me to do yoga timing and food timing also.

Editors Note
After coming home, eat a light breakfast and sleep till 11 A.M. After waking up do yoga for one hour. Take your lunch by 2 P.M.

Hope it helps

by: Jaydeep

Thank you so much for responding..Its reallu helpful.I will surely follow each and everything.Thanks once again:)

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