How Can I Reduce My Weight?

by Attaya

I am thirty seven years old lady my weight is 66 kg and my height is 4.9 feet.which exercise is good for me to reduce my weight and shape up my figure.


Here are general guidelines for weight loss:

  • Have 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep daily. Try to remain cheerful and happy. Program your mind to become more healthy and gain weight.

  • Go for long walks daily and weight training twice or thrice a week.

  • Do not skip your meals, have all the meals at fixed timings. While eating food, avoid all kinds of stresses and you must enjoy the food you eat.

  • Adopt a healthy and active lifestyle, go for a walk instead of watching TV or surfing the net.

  • If required increase your calorie intake with more intake of carbohydrates and fats but no junk food.

  • Avoid constipation at all costs.

  • Eat healthy and nutritious food as per yogic diet.
  • Best approach is to eat only fruits, vegetables, fresh fruit/vegetable juice in the breakfast. Before lunch and dinner, eat a bowl of salad, so that you eat less of carbohydrates, fats and proteins while at the same time getting the stomach fill feeling.

Weight Loss With Yoga
Yoga cannot make you lose weight if you do not have a strict control on your eating. Yoga practice when accompanied with a balanced yogic diet fine tunes the body's metabolism, removes negative emotions, reduces food cravings and ensures weight loss over a period of time with regular yoga practice. Yoga improves the digestive system, increases the feeling of hunger and appetite. Hence, if proper balanced diet is consumed without resorting to binge eating, then results can be encouraging.

Also, yoga ensures permanent weight loss with regular practice. This weight loss can then be maintained with regular yoga practice, moderate diet. It will be futile to try yoga for weight loss for quick and short duration targets.

Do include shavasana and alom vilom pranayama as part of your yoga practice as it will relax your body and provide you more energy.

First, start practicing a generic yoga sequence for a month which includes shavasana, vajrasana, bhujang asana, dhanurasana, ushtrasana, janushirasana.

Thereafter, try to include some advanced poses like padmasana, halasana, chakrasana and sarvanghasana.

After your yoga practice is in place, lay more stress on these exercises for weight loss.

Guidelines For Starting Yoga At Home. In case you are new to yoga, it is advisable to read more about yoga. You must understand the basic guidelines. Do yoga with a calm mind and smooth movements, avoid jerky movements.

If you are not able to do a particular asana, try to attempt the particular pose as far as your body's flexibility permits. With yoga practice, your body will become more flexible gradually.

Read some good books on yoga and get some videos. Best approach is to get few introductory hatha yoga lessons from an yoga teacher and then proceed with home practice.

How to start yoga?

  • Your yoga practice can start with simple asanas and pranayama.

  • It is ideal for you to start yoga in the morning. It is more beneficial if you are able to pass your bowels before starting yoga.

  • Start with asaans followed by pranayama. At the end of your practice do shavasana.

  • In pranayam start with rhythmic breathing, alom vilom, bhramri. After a month of practice start with kapalabhati (if you have high BP do not do kapalabhati pranayama). (Increase your repetitions of kapalabhati pranayama very gradually) Kapalabhati pranayama is also very effective in losing weight.

  • Whenever you feel tired, lie down on your yoga mat in shavasana for 10 minutes and do deep breathing or normal breathing.

  • Practice yoga nidra after shavasana for two three times a week for better relaxation.

  • Pranayama will also help you to relax.

  • Start with a generalised yoga sequence , all these asanas are very easy for beginners to start and effect most of the vital organs.

Change your lifestyle and do not miss any chance to go out for a long walk, play some outdoor games in addition to yoga.

Doing yoga regularly will help you to stay active and more healthy. Pranayama will specially provide you more energy and peace of mind. You can learn more about the importance of proper breathing .
Yoga Breathing Lessons
Guidelines for Pranayama

Hope this helps. Please feel free to add more to this topic by posting your comment below.

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