Yoga Way of Life For Health And Happiness

Before adopting yoga way of life it is better to have a look at various key improvement areas that can be improved with practice of yoga and following a yoga lifestyle. You have to understand what is yoga lifestyle and what is expected out of you.

Yoga way of life means following the ethical and moral code of conduct. Understand yoga philosophy and apply the concepts in your life. Try to visualise the true purpose of your life. Live a balanced life and act with full awareness, non attachment and without any fear.

Yoga for Personal Transformation

Some people keep on wondering that they are doing yoga but there is no progress. It only means that the preparations for yoga practice are not good enough and more efforts are required. Proper habits, observance of ethics and morality are key to a successful yoga way of life. Yoga practice effects on our mind body complex. Therefore, the way we eat/ drink, our thought process and our conduct throughout the day have an effect on our body. Yoga way of life means self disciplined lifestyle.

Yoga Lifestyle : Checklist

  • Crystal Clear Thinking.
  • Always Remain At Peace With Yourself
  • Better Efficiency at Work.
  • Energy Conservation
  • Character Building
  • Inspired Living
  • Make Way For Spiritual Progress
  • Scale Down Your Desires And Needs
  • Minimise Daily Stress
  • Be Relaxed At All Times
  • Better Harmony At Home And Work
  • Better Emotional Control
  • Aim For Happiness And Bliss

Renunciation or No Attachment

Yoga way of life does not mean to lead a life of renunciation. It specifies the guidelines about how to live life and enjoy all goodness of life while following non attachment. It will enable you to live happily, keep others happy, do our duty and be a useful member of society.

New Meaning of Life

Yoga practice will help you to rediscover your self. You will be able to explore your inner self and understand your link to the supreme consciousness. The meaning of life itself changes when you view life with new perspective without any pre conditioning.

Correct Appreciation of Our Problems

Most of the time you are not focused on what you want. Yoga will give your the right knowledge and to achieve perfection in action. With yoga practice, you will be able to appreciate that most of the problems of life are self created due to our ego, ignorance and lack of patience. Changing of your life is in your hands.

Disciplined Life

Yoga way of life is not possible without a disciplined life. This discipline is not forced from outside but must come from inside as a result of living with full awareness.

Be Flexible

This does not means following rigid army type discipline. Make your own rules but be flexible, be aware. Avoid getting into guilt feeling for not following the rules. With regular practice of yoga, you will form new habits and your mind will be able to willingly follow yoga way of life.

Do Not Compare

Do not compare yourself with others. Every individual is unique and will have his own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, each one of us has to find our own answers and make our own path.

Well Defined Goals

Define your main goals in life. Maintaining a balance between your yoga goals while doing your worldly duties is difficult but not impossible.

Yama and Niyama

Yama and niyama are the pillars of yoga. Begin with integrating principles of yama and niyama in all aspects of your daily life.

Which Path to Follow?

There are a number of styles of yoga. Start with any path and later on choose your own path.

Be a Good Listener

Let go of your ego. Do not let your ego to inflate that it conditions all your actions.Be a good listener and observe the various events in your life with an open mind. Keep your mind open for learning all the time.

  • Do not follow any of the instructions blindly. Read, understand and then follow the concepts of yoga life before adopting yoga way of life.
  • Be patient.
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