Yoga Practice To Control Sleep Apnea

by Khaja Gulam Saqlain

I am suffering with the above problem since two years but I come to know that I need breathing well while I sleeping but not getting enough during time. Therefore, I request you to guide me for the exercise which I supposed to do every day before breakfast in order to avoid my sleep apnea problem from sleep disorder and already contacting shortly from the doctor and

these problems are encountered due to obesity/ over weight and my age is about 50 years with no diabetics.

Please advise me to increase my breath more and more so that I can deprived by this situation and avoid my breathing problem every day. And I need to start quickly from today evening. Thanks for your help in this regard, and I would again write about this issue in future after getting your help.

Khaja Gulam Saqlain

The most effective remedy in your case is to reduce weight. Therefore you need to lose weight fast.

Yoga practice will also help you to reduce weight as well as provide you better strength and energy. Practicing pranayama will improve your breathing and will help a lot. Do you have any yoga class nearby where you can learn yoga?

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how to avoid snoring.

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Hope it helps

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