How To Avoid Snoring?

by Jai

For the past three years, I have started snoring. Kindly help me to get rid of it.

Before discussing yoga for snoring, it is important to know the cause of snoring. Though in most of the cases snoring is harmless, but it do merit a visit to your doctor or physician to make sure there is no medical condition requiring urgent attention. In addition to disturbing your family members, snoring does not let you have a sound sleep and you may feel tired throughout the day.

You may have noticed some people snore happily, then stop abruptly for a few seconds, wake up sleep again and start snoring. This is indicative of obstructive sleep apnea. Blockage in the airway causes a person to stop breathing for a few seconds. Obstructive sleep apnea can result in high blood pressure, heart attacks and stroke if it remains untreated.

Cause of Snoring. Snoring occurs when flow of air is blocked because of excess tissue in the nose, mouth or throat. As the air passes through these tissues, vibrations are created. Snoring can also occur because of some medical problem.

Main reasons for snoring are being overweight or due to old age. Drinking alcohol, taking sleeping pills, sleeping on your back, colds or smoking also makes you snore. Identify the root cause of snoring and try to remove these conditions.

Remedy for Snoring. Though there are surgical procedures available to cure snoring, but it is advisable to explore natural treatments of snoring. Most of the people who snore can benefit by simply losing weight through regular exercise and taking proper diet. Without weight, other natural methods to cure snoring may not work. However you have to be patient and keep exercising. Some of the other tips for getting rid of snoring are:

  • Stay relaxed at all times. Try to release all the stresses of daily life before sleeping.
    Instead of watching TV, spend quality time with family, read a good book, take a walk or do simple deep breathing.

  • Steam inhalation just before sleeping clears your airways and remove any obstructions.

  • Trying to sleep on your side can also help. Raise your head a bit by sleeping with an extra pillow.

  • Avoid heavy dinner, eat 2 to 3 hours before your sleep time.

  • Before sleeping, instill 2-3 drops of clarified butter (ghee) in each nostril will reduce snoring noise. Warm the ghee a few degrees, experiment a little with the temperature that suits you.

  • Reduce your alcohol intake and if possible stop altogether.

  • Avoid smoking.

  • Avoid sleeping pills.

Natural cure for snoring requires for a lifestyle change. Sleep early at night, wake up early for exercise/ yoga, eat less, moderate alcohol consumption, stop smoking and start eating healthy foods.

Yoga For Snoring. Yoga practice and mediation are effective in curing snoring. Yoga practice regulates the breathing and helps to cool the nerves. Yoga reduces the stress levels by keeping your body relaxed throughout the day.

Asanas for snoring. Asanas that help in weight loss are particularly helful.
Trikonasana (Triangle Pose), Tadasana,Pawanmukta asana, Bhujang asana (Cobra pose), Shalabhasana (Locust Pose), Uttanpada asana, Sarp asana (Snake Pose) and Vajrasana (Diamond Pose). Simhasana (Lion Pose) is recommended as it benefits eyes, nose and throat.

Pranayama for snoring.
Alom Vilom, Kapalabhati, Bhramri (Most beneficial).

Alternative healing methods like acupressure and homeopathy can also be explored in addition to yoga practice to provide long term cure. Or try using nasal strips, Aromatherapy Anti-snoring Products, Snoring Pillows for immediate relief.


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Oct 06, 2016
yoga for snoring
by: Anonymous

I am doing yoga asanas daily for an hour for past 18 months. Snoring has been reduced slightly but I did not concentrate on sarpasana, simhasanas etc.
Hope so I can do anulom vilom and follow other breathing tips to get the positive results.

Editors Note
In addition to yoga, do ujjayi pranayama and reduce your weight to your ideal body weight to get much better results.

Hope it helps

May 04, 2012
Useful Knowledge Sharing
by: Keval

This is a really useful knowledge sharing. These tips can help a lot of people to get relief. This is a good effort to spread awareness about Yog.

Feb 22, 2010
Very Useful Information
by: Sanjay Patil

The article and informations are very helpful. So many thanks for providing such useful informations freely. Thanks again.

Apr 27, 2009
Yoga for Good Health
by: arun

This is one of the good sites I have ever visited on the YOGA. This site not only provides quality information free of cost but also is well organised. I hope it is maintained in the similar manner in times to come. Keep it up!!

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