Yoga Exercises Six Weeks After C-Section

by Anonymous

I had C-section, or cesarean section delivery 6 weeks ago. My age is 25 years. Please suggest yoga asanas and pranayama for me. I can spare one hour of my time for yoga in a day. My expectation from yoga practice is to reduce my tummy and weight loss.

Since I had C Section 6 weeks ago I just wanna know when can I start yoga. I was practising yoga for an year before 3 years.


Editors Note

~ Six months is the safest time to wait before starting with full fledged yoga practice after C-section. Generally doctors say internal healing may take 6 months. Therefore, advice of your doctor must be considered before you commence your yoga practice after cesarian.

~ I will recommend no yoga asanas for you till 3 months after cesarian operation. Till then it is time for restoration, rest and relaxation. You may like to take short walks as much as you feel comfortable. That will take care of the mandatory exercise requirements. You must eat nutritious diet and take care of the baby.

~ Losing weight should not be your top most priority now, as weight loss can be achieved much faster when you become fully fit.

~ After three months of C-section, start with yoga asanas which do not require forward bending, put pressure on abdominal wall and avoid inverted poses. Doing breathing and pranayama will provide you with relaxation and peace of mind. If you have more time, you can include other pranayama also except kapalabhati and bhastrika.

~ If you are not breast feeding your baby you can take triphala for weight loss. You can have a look at this page for more ideas about use of tripahala powder for weight loss. Before sleeping, add triphala powder 1 teaspoon in warm milk and one spoon honey and drink it. Use warm water in place of milk if you do not like milk. Also, you can dilute milk if you want to avoid extra calories. Triphala powder is good for digestive system detoxification and
prevents constipation.

~ Eat more of dalia/ khichri with lot of vegetables as it is nutritious and easy to digest. Strictly avoid fatty foods, sweets and any other junk/ processed food which is difficult to digest.

Suggested Yoga practice For Now

Sit in vajrasana and sukhasana for meditation or while doing pranayama. Do pranayama gently avoiding any pressure on abdominal wall.

~ Deep rhythmic breathing (5-10 minutes)
~ Anulom Vilom (10 minutes)
~ Ujjayi Pranayama (10 + 10)
~ Bhramri Pranayama (10 +10)
~ Aum recitation (11 times)
~ Shavasana (2 minutes)
~ Yoga nidra (10-15 minutes)
~ Meditation (10-15 minutes).

Please let me know if this information was useful for you.

Hope this helps.

Reply by Questioner

Thank you so much for your immediate reply. Your reply was so much useful to me. Actually my doctor said me to do some simple yoga poses and I joined right away once 45 days got over from delivery. Today is the sixth day of my class. From day one I was asked to do janushirasasana, pachimochasana and sashankasana. From day five, started practicing suryanamaskar.

I suddenly felt whether I can do it that soon and I got pain in my back and light pain in my belly. I asked my doctor and she told me not to do such difficult asanas now. I am scared whether these six day yoga would have hurt my tissues. Is there any chance of affecting my tissues in six days. However I plan to stop yoga class for now based on doctors and your advise. Expecting your reply.

Editors Note

~ It is suggested that you take complete rest for 2 weeks and do not do any yoga asana or pranayama.

~ Presently, you can do shavasana for relaxation followed by yoga nidra. While in shavasana, do rhythmic breathing without straining your abdomen.

Hope this helps, you can contact me anytime for follow up advice.

Reply by Questioner

~ Thank you again for the immediate reply. Your mail has given me a relief now. Definitely I will follow your advice.

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Feb 21, 2018
Yoga exercises having c-section after 6 months delivery
by: Anonymous

I had cesarean section delivery 6 months ago. Actually i had 2 cesarean sections in 2 years. For that My body have less calcium now. My age is 30 years. Please suggest diet chart for me so that I will achieve my strength back. Can i start some exercises or yoga? Please suggest some yoga asanas and pranayama for me. My expectation from yoga or exercise practice is to reduce my tummy and weight loss.

Editors Note
You can contact me to get customised advice.

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