Yoga Asanas For A Healthy Person

by Rajnish Verma
(Jammu, India)

Dear Sir, please enlighten me as to what are the Yoga Asanas which a healthy person should include in his schedule for a healthy body, mind and soul? My main query is that if a person is not suffering from any specific ailment but wants to pursue yoga for general health and rejuvenation, then what are the main asanas to be done?

The other query is, "Can Asanas like Sarvanghasana, Hal asana etc which regulate endocrine glands like Thyroid and Pituitary can be done even by those who have no medical problems related to such glands? "Will such asanas not hyper activate the glands if done by an individual who is otherwise perfectly healthy? Please reply so that I can start Yoga.


Yoga asanas and pranayama are two of the pillars of the eight fold path of yoga. Some of the people use yoga as a therapy which gives the impression that we should do yoga only when we are caught by one or more of the life style diseases.

Yoga can be done perfectly by all healthy persons desirous of better health, fitness, rest and relaxation and to avoid any lifestyle disease.

Yoga practices activates and massages the endocrine glands during various poses. This stimulates the glands to work as per their desired role. If your glands are healthy, they become more healthy and work more effectively.

If glands are not working properly or there is any other medical problem,do yoga under supervision. Proper selection of yoga sequence, regular practice and diet control can regulate working of various endocrine glands and restore their normal function.

If you are healthy, you must start yoga to stay healthy, get more strength, flexibility, peace of mind and lot of other benefits.

You can start with this simple yoga sequence for beginners.

Start with simple asanas you can do comfortably and proceed to master these asanas before trying any difficult or advanced poses.

Hope this helps.


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Oct 28, 2010
Yoga by Healthy Person
by: Rajnish

Dear Daljit,

Thanks a lot for the prompt and precise response. I am already doing some Yoga Asanas. I wanted your expert opinion as to continue even if there is no reported ailment.


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