Weight Loss Affirmations For Effective Weight Loss

Weight loss affirmations can help you to reduce weight by building strong will power and determination, essential ingredients of successful weight loss program. Although, regular exercise and diet control are important but weight loss is more of an emotional issue. Powerful resources of human mind can be used for this purpose. Statistically only few people are able to successfully maintain permanent weight loss. These are the people who were able to control their mind for a healthy and free weight loss program.

Condition yourself for permanent weight loss through affirmations for weight loss.

For better mind control initially start being a neutral observer of the thoughts entering your mind. Then analyse positive and negative thoughts. Try to avoid entry of negative thoughts into your mind. Concentrate more on positive thoughts and weight loss affirmations. In your mind make a mental picture of how you want to look after weight loss. Next concentrate on your weight loss affirmations with perseverance and success will be yours.

Weight Loss Affirmations

Weight Loss Affirmations For Self Control

  • I am in control of my thinking.
  • I am making positive efforts each day to stay healthy and fit.
  • I am on the road to fitness having taken the first step.
  • I affirm that I am on the track to achieve perfect health and fitness with strong will power.
  • I affirm that I will exercise daily without fail.
  • I affirm that I am taking care of my body.
  • I will set small targets and achieve them rather than set unachievable targets.
  • I affirm that I am successful, healthy and cheerful person whatever my present weight.
  • I affirm that my weight loss does not depend on my earlier success or failures.

Affirmations For Permanent Weight Loss

  • I affirm that I am working out and eating healthy to lose weight gradually.
  • I am staying away from quick weight loss programs however tempting it may look.
  • I affirm that I am adopting  healthy methods to loose weight.
  • I am doing regular exercise and I am looking good. (preferably yoga)
  • I am doing regular exercise and I am fit.
  • I am progressing to achieve my ideal body weight.
  • I am a loving and beautiful person irrespective of my weight.
  • I affirm that my weight does  not affect my self esteem.
  • I am becoming a better person by doing yoga and I am getting fit by doing yoga.
  • I affirm that my weight has nothing to do with my personality, personal relation, my intelligence and my productivity.
  • I affirm that I love others and people like me (irrespective of my weight).
  • I believe that fitness is more important than weight.
  • I am getting closer to my ideal body weight each day.
  • I am relaxed about my weight as I am now in control.
  • I am fully aware of following a simple and nutritious diet.
  • I affirm that I do not carry any guilt about occasional indulgence in sweets or favourite snack.
  • I am more interested in my journey for fitness and not about my weight.
  • I practice moderation in everything I do i.e. exercise, eating or drinking.
  • I will keep my weighing scale away and see my weight once in a month.
  • I am having great patience and perseverance.
  • I am maintaining daily diary and record correctly my progress.
  • I am working daily to achieve my weight loss goals.
  • I affirm I always find time for exercise in spite of busy schedules.
  • I am not sleeping in excess of 6 to 8 hours.
  • I affirm that I enjoy being in good health.

Weight Loss Affirmations For Healthy Eating

  • I am  conscious of what I eat.
  • I affirm that I eat to live and not live to eat.
  • I am eating minimum amount of food my body requires.
  • I enjoy eating healthy and nutritious foods.
  • I prefer nutrition to taste when selecting my food.
  • I affirm that moderation in diet is foundation for weight loss.
  • I affirm that I am in control of my eating patterns.
  • I affirm that I am fasting for a day once a week to strengthen my weight loss resolve.
  • I affirm that I am not eating any fried and junk food.
  • I affirm that I love the food that makes me thin.
  • I affirm that I get sufficient energy even by eating small amount of nutritious food.
  • I affirm that regular exercise increase my metabolism and require less food to maintain my energy levels.

Spiritual Affirmations For Weight Loss

  • I am sharing whatever food I have with others.
  • I meditate to get more self control to loose weight.
  • I am having faith in God and He is giving me strength in my weight loss efforts.

Yoga And Weight Loss Affirmations

Yoga practice aims to develop better mind control through yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation thereby controlling the wanderings of your mind. With better awareness and more self control, you can carry out your affirmations effectively.

How Yoga Can Help With Weight Loss Affirmations

When to affirm?

  • Before you start the yoga practice, say your prayers and repeat the weight loss affirmations in your mind. Make a mental picture, seeing yourself as a healthy person
  • Whenever you are free, lie down in shavasana or sit in a meditation pose, close your eyes and repeat these weight loss affirmations to your self. Throughout the day, try to repeat these affirmations to yourself (in your mind) as much as possible.
  • Select the appropriate affirmations. Effectiveness of these affirmations will depend on how much you believe in these. After few days, these affirmations will get embedded in your mind and help you to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Identify these Obstacles

  • Stay away from people spreading negative thoughts that weight loss is very difficult. Associate with people who have successfully lost weight and get inspiration from them.
  • Disregard any inputs/ influence which is not in sync with your health gain efforts.
  • Do not get discouraged with minor failures.
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