Starting Yoga For Hashimoto Thyroiditis And Stiffness

by Kay Cam
(Mobile AL Mobile)

I am a 51 year young female who is well over 100 pounds who has hashimoto thyroiditis who is very stiff. Minimal flexibility and yes out of shape. I want to learn yoga can you please direct me to where to start. I have no upper strength cannot squat or get up from a squatting or sitting position from the floor. My goals are:
1. Lose weight
2. Become more flexible
3. Be able to squat
4. Be able to get down on the floor and get up from the floor with pushing myself up with my legs
5. Gain upper and lower strength

As I understand for hypothyroid patients, losing weight, regular exercise and reducing the stress levels is the greatest challenge. For all these a strong determination is the starting and guidance on the path to recovery is essential.

To achieve all your goals you need to take care of the following issues:
~ First of all eat healthy, fresh and nutritious food. It is strongly recommended to get a diet plan from a good dietician and follow it meticulously.
~ Eat less calories and do regular low intensity exercise to burn calories to lose weight.
~ Do regular yoga practice for at least one hour
~ Go for long walks for an hour daily

Your targets in order of priority is to get to a more active lifestyle, eat healthy to rejuvenate the body and gain strength. Flexibility is the next target and is a very gradual process.

Here are some helpful hints for starting a yoga practice, but there is no substitute for learning from a yoga teacher.
Yoga for hypothyroidism"
Where to start Yoga?
Guidelines For Pranayama
Precautions For Pranayama
Yoga FAQs
Yoga Poses
Yoga diet
Questions about Yoga

Meanwhile you can straightaway start with rhythmic breathing, shavasana, yoga nidra and simple meditation (for 10 minutes). This will help you to relax and set way for the healing process to start.

Considerations for setting up a yoga sequence:
~ How much time you can spare for yoga and at what time morning or evening?
~ You must be ready to practice yoga for minimum six months for appreciable results as sometimes effects of yoga show up slowly if body is not in good shape.
~ Yoga is not a short term solution, it is acceptance of yoga way of life to stay fit. Perseverance is the key.Continue practicing yoga even after you start feeling better.

If you do not find a yoga teacher in your area, please go through yoga books and this website to understand the basic concepts of yoga. Then you can contact me further in case you need assistance.

Hope this helps

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