Pranayama and Horton's Syndrome

by Simmi

I am recently diagnosed with horton's syndrome and I wish to know the best pranayama to do to increase oxygen to the brain much faster. The alternative is for me to have a oxygen tank but I want to do natural pranayama. Please help.

I know kapalabhati and anuloma viloma through my Sivananda yoga training.

Om Namath Sivananda

All the pranayama will increase oxygen to the brain. I will not be able to quantify the increase of oxygen by various pranayama, but kapalabhati pranayama is good for improving the amount of oxygen.

As you are have learnt kapalabhati and anulom vilom, you can focus on these two pranayama. Initially you can do 2-3 rounds of kapalabhati and 10 minutes of anulom vilom. Gradually you can increase the number of rounds of kapalabhati and the duration of anulom vilom. In addition, you can practice yoga poses, rhythmic deep breathing and Aum recitation.

Also focus on the quality of breathing. With more pranayama practice your breath will become deeper and quality of breathing will improve thereby providing you more oxygen. You can also have short sessions of deep breathing 3-4 times in a day.

In addition to pranayama, healthy yogic diet and stress reduction with yogic practices will also be beneficial. Practice meditation daily and yoga nidra twice or thrice a week for complete relaxation.

I wish you good health and hope you will share your experiences with us.

Warm regards

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Jul 14, 2015
thank you
by: Simmi

Hi again thank you for these tips.
I have included yoga Nidra too in my practice. However, I experienced that when I completed a thorough neck and shoulder exercises with the pranayama my headaches were not as intense. I continued and I must say my headaches are still there but not with such intense pain.

Editors Note
I am glad your health is improving. Wishing you good health and happiness. You can go through this webpage on yoga nidra.
Thanks for sharing your experience.


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