Laziness And Tension In Upper Stomach After Pranayama

by Harminder Sawani
(Delhi, India)

My name is Harminder. My problem is when I start practicing pranayam after finishing it (though I do it for max 5 to 10 min and only bhastrika, only inhale and exhale) I feel laziness, sort of tension and ache in upper part of stomach. I start it do it for 4,5 days then I had to leave cause I feel it is a torture to me. I want to know why this happens to me when it is changing the lives of millions then why not me. I really want to practice it but do not know what to do. This has been going on for a long long time. Please guide me. God will bless you. I am really suffering.


Hello Harminder

You have not mentioned your age and your present fitness levels. I will answer this question on the assumption that you are physically fit without any other health issues.

1. Any yoga practice is meant to be invigorating otherwise it is not yoga. In case desired results are not coming from yoga practice, best approach is to learn from a yoga teacher who can teach yoga with proper technique and can suggest a yoga sequence for you.

2. For starting to do yoga, learning yoga under guidance is recommended. In few cases where yoga teachers are not available some people try to learn on their own. But for that you have to read a lot, understand the basic principles of yoga and then practice following all guidelines and precautions.

3. Pranayama should be integrated into a yoga practice consisting of a balanced mix of asana and pranayama. Therefore you must practice both asanas and pranayama. In pranayama also, it is not advisable to do only one type of pranayama. You can select various types of pranayama depending on time available and your health levels.

4. You are doing just one pranayama that too for 5 minutes. For getting benefits of yoga practice, you must practice daily for an hour or at least for 30 minutes.

5. Do not lose hope. If you can spare time for yoga daily, yoga can change your life provided
~ you learn from a teacher
~ do yoga regularly
~ practice at least 30 minutes or more
~ do not do yoga immediately after meals or strenuous exercise.

Therefore, it is recommended that you stop doing further pranayama without supervision. Here are some tips about yoga practice

Read about Yoga
Precautions for pranayama practice

Hope it helps

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Apr 29, 2015
laziness while ......
by: Harminder

I will try again and let you know about the progress I hope it will work this time. Thanks for your suggestion. I will keep in mind while doing it. One more thing I need to ask is that can I do it in noon at 12:00 P.M or 1:00 P.M because due to some odd office shift timings I could get up at 11:00am or do I have to choose a specific time?
When I practice pranayama my whole focus is on where those inhaled breaths are going? I mean they are going to stomach or Lungs because when I hear Baba Ramdev, he always says fill in your lungs not stomach and it confuses me completely I do not know whether I am doing correct or not?

Editors Note
I suggest you learn pranayama from a yoga teacher as incorrect technique may be harmful

You can do pranayama in the afternoon provided you do not eat any meals 3 hours prior to doing pranayama. In case you feel hungry, lime juice or fresh fruit juice can be taken around 30 minutes before yoga practice.

The movement of abdominal muscles aid the process of inhalation and exhalation but air goes only to the lungs. You can practice abdominal breathing first to understand the process. Lie down on your back and breathe out slowly and stomach goes in (pull in stomach) to support the lungs to exhale fully. Then inhale slowly by expanding the stomach muscles(stomach rises).

Hope it helps

Apr 29, 2015
by: Deep Inder

Initially, when you start Yoga, you need to go very slow and observe your body's personal reaction to each pranayama and/or asana. Bhastrika, if performed too fast or vigourously for your body, could have the effects you talk about. Laziness etc, go with time as the body adjusts. I would personally suggest you begin with 5-10 minutes of 'anulom-vilom' and then gradually increase the time/add more kinds of pranayama which is not merely a breathing exercise but a way to sync the vital force with the rest of you. God bless!

Editors Note
Thanks Deep Inder for sharing your valuable advice. Rhythmic breathing and anulom vilom should be the practiced first before attempting other pranayama especially kapalabhati and bhastrika.

Thanks again for taking out your valuable time to offer these tips.

Warm regards

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