Hypertension And Pranayama

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I am writing from Cochin, Kerala. Last year Yogrishi Ramadev came here and took camp. I also attended the camp in Cochin. But I could not ask this question directly to Ramdevswami due to heavy rush and time constraints of Swamiji. Now I am putting my question to you. Last month also Swamiji came here. But I could not attend this time.

I am taking BP tabs regularly in the morning for BP(140/90). However it is under control. I request to please advise what type of pranayama I should do to make my BP in absolute normal. (120/80). For the last 3/4 months I am doing Anulom-Vilom and Kapalbhati for about 15 minutes in 3 spells. I take 2 glass of water and black tea with 2 biscuits in the morning, take a BP tabs before going for pranayama at about 7 A.M in the morning.

Please advise whether I should continue with these Kapalabhati and Anulom-Vilom. You advised those who are on hypertension should avoid this type of Pranayama. Then kindly advise me what type of pranayama I should do to place my BP absolute normal.


To reduce your blood pressure, you have to do lot of exercise, do yoga, eat healthy and reduce stress levels.

You have to analyse yourself for the following:

1. Exercise/ Yoga/ Pranayama. Doing pranayama for 15 minutes may not be enough exercise for you. You have not mentioned whether you are doing any other exercise or yoga asanas in addition to pranayama. You need to add some easy asanas to your yoga practice and maybe try walking for minimum 30 minutes or up to an hour.

2. De Stress Your Mind and Body. Practice shavasana and yoga nidra
at the end of your yoga practice for complete relaxation. Sleep well at night for seven to eight hours.

3. Seek Medical Advice. While taking medicines for blood pressure, your BP should be normal. Consult your doctor and ensure that there are no other associated medical problems. Maybe your doctor can recommend other tests to ensure that your cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL/ HDL are within limits.

4. Diet. Please analyse your diet and ensure that your diet is as prescribed for people with hypertension. Reduce intake of salt, refined flour, sugar, fats and all types of processed food. Eat more of fresh vegetables, whole grains and fruits.

5. Obesity. In case you are obese, you may need to reduce weight on top most priority by doing yoga and/or any other exercises.

6. Strictly avoid alcoholic drinks and smoking.

7. Include yoga asanas, pranayama and relaxation as part of your yoga practice.
~ Kapalabhati pranayama is not advisable for people with high blood pressure. Especially in your case kapalabhati pranayama is not advisable as your BP is not normal even with medicines.
~ You can do more of rhythmic breathing, anulom vilom, ujjayi breath and chandra bhedi pranayama. ~ Practice yoga for at least and hour which will include pranayama for about 30 minutes.
~ You can increase the repetitions of these pranayama as much as you can do comfortably without feeling any discomfort.

8. If you do not feel any better after two three weeks of yoga practice, do yoga under the guidance of an expert yoga teacher.

Hope this helps.


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