How To Lose Weight With Yoga?

We must understand fully how to lose weight before starting with a weight loss program. Weight loss is perfectly simple and achievable by adopting a disciplined approach to weight loss with help of yoga. 

Analyse your fitness and weight loss targets keeping in view your age, current health, local weather conditions, eating habits, your physical activity levels and time you can spare for exercise. Some extra weight is not a problem if you are having a healthy lifestyle which includes lot of outdoor activities, games or physical labour. Obesity coupled with lack of exercise, stress and over-eating can result in serious health problems.

Formulate Your Own Master Plan

First Step For Weight Loss

Most of the time we get so busy in our daily routine that we forget to take out some time for our health. Do not indefinitely postpone the decision to start regular exercise. Regular exercise can help you to get in shape, look good and enjoy the benefits of a healthy body.

In our hearts most of us carry a desire to loose at least a pound or two even if we are fit otherwise. Desire to loose weight is not enough. Desire to lose weight coupled with positive actions is sure recipe for successful weight loss.

Select Worthwhile Goals?

Initially set very modest goals for weight loss that can be achieved easily. It will give you immense self confidence to march forward. Give yourself at least six months to achieve your weight loss targets. Do not weigh your self everyday because any fluctuation of your weight on positive side can seriously dent your resolve to loose weight.

Achievement Of Your Weight Loss Goals

You must loose weight at your own pace yet you must have decent targets. However, do not get distracted by height weight charts, miraculous weight loss claims of your friends or weight loss industry. Accept that there is no magic solution. There is no substitute to exercise, diet control and loads of patience. You must not punish yourself for an occasional eating indulgence.

Strong Belief In Yourself

When you want to loose weight, it should be backed by a strong belief to succeed. Do not base your weight loss efforts on a particular diet plan. Your weight loss does not depend much on what diet plan you choose or what exercise you do. Rather long term weight loss depends on how good you can program your mind for success? Weight loss emotions generate negative feelings, so do not concentrate on weight loss. Fill your mind with positive thoughts of fitness. Your mind control or will power is the most important link in your weight loss program.

Getting Started

Every body is different and may need a customised weight loss plans. Start with a regular exercise preferably yoga asanas and pranayama coupled with a healthy and nourishing diet. Become more active physically and if required incorporate changes in your lifestyle.

Start Small, Build Confidence

When starting a weight loss program, do not shock your body with strenuous exercise or crash diet program. Set very simple and achievable targets, like skipping a cup of tea or avoiding an extra helping of food. For example, you can hope to loose a couple of pounds just by restricting sugar (in any form) and fats intake.

Keep a Diary

 Write down your customised plan on how to loose weight. Review it periodically as you go on implementing it.


 A flexible plan is more likely to succeed. Adopt any new ideas which you find useful for you. Your plan should not depend much on the fancy gadgets. Yoga does not require any gadget other than a yoga mat. Yoga provides complete flexibility in terms of choice of asanas and pranayama to fit individual requirements and place where to do them.

Reward Yourself

 Enjoy your journey and reward yourself for your achievements. Recording of weight loss tasks achieved in your diary will serve as an inspiration to achieve still big targets.


 Weight loss is not easy, but perseverance pays. Every weight loss campaign is built on the debris of so many failed diet programs. Ensure that you do not loose heart and keep on trying till you succeed.

How To Lose Weight Using Yoga?

  • The secret of loosing weight is so simple "consume less calories than your body's requirement". But how many of us can follow! Crash dieting is not the solution for weight loss. You need not starve to reduce weight. Eat healthy and nutritious food so that it can provide you the minimum calories required depending on your lifestyle.(generally 1000 to 1200 calories per day)
  • Yoga practice will make you more disciplined. Yoga philosophy advises moderation in eating, sleeping and drinking. Get up early from bed and practice yoga. For this you need to sleep early to get sufficient sleep. Avoid late night parties.
  • Do not try any pills, health drinks or medication for weight loss. In case, your weight gain is due to any medical problem e.g. hypothyroidism, seek your doctors help.
  • Do not change your lifestyle or diet drastically. Incorporate gradual changes in your lifestyle and diet so that it becomes a way of life.
  • Involve one of your family or friends to join you in weight loss efforts or provide you with moral support for staying ON with your fitness program.
  • Yoga will take out your negative energy and make you mentally strong, boost low self esteem generally associated with obesity.
  • Your health and weight depends on your habits. Develop healthy eating habits and try to make healthy choices in everyday life. How to lose weight involves making healthy choices.
  • Make a mental picture of success, visualise yourself as a fit person.

How to lose weight is summed up in two words:

will power and determination

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