Does anyone go "against the flow?"

by David Jeff
(Jacksonville, FL)

I've been practicing yoga for a year now. I am in excellent health, very active, etc. I started off with an certified Iyenger instructor for the first 6 months (thank goodness) - unbelievable teacher. For the last six months I feel like I'm going backwards in my yoga practice. Here in Jacksonville, FL the pickings are slim. It's flow and more flow - that's it. Each studio has few (and I do mean few) Hatha classes beyond those for the absolute beginner or those with special needs.

I've tried Asthanga, Vinyasa, Power Yoga and so on. Any suggestions as to find a way out of this "all in one" yoga approach? Or should I just practice on my own and hope for the best in this town (until I move)?


Yoga is a journey for purification of mind, body and ego to achieve the ultimate aim of uniting with supreme consciousness. There is no limit to study of yoga and there is always scope for progress. With some guidance in proper direction you should be able to make continuous progress in yoga. You must take positive steps to arrest the flow in backward direction. At times progress can be slow due to self doubts. Read more and seek guidance. Also, do a thorough self analysis.

Even if you are continuing with a particular yoga sequence/ style of yoga. Yoga is boundless and there must be progress in yoga practice with each passing day.

~ Hold your asanas position for more time, up to a minute or so.
~ Increase the number of repetitions.
~ Try to stretch your body so as to reach the perfect alignment for the pose.
~ Yoga practice will dramatically improve when you start with concentration and meditation. When your ego gets dissolved and you become ready to understand the real purpose of life.

After you become good at the asanas next step is to master pranayama, concentration and meditation.

You must consult a yoga teacher and chart your further progress in yoga and follow it. Meanwhile carry out your self study to become more balanced and increase your self awareness. Reading any book on yoga sutras of Patanjali will be beneficial to you.

Hope this helps

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