Daily Yoga Practice

by Raj

Why should we practice regularly? Does it mean practicing for a month and then not practicing it for 1 or 2 days cause results in the loss of benefits?


Hello Raj

1. First we must make clear our goal of practicing yoga. The goals can be physical fitness and/ or spiritual progress

2. Your practice will depend on the goals, the methods used and your daily practice. Progress in yoga is slow and gradual. So each day's practice should take you more closer to your goals.

3. If goals are set high, so must be the practice. If you want to become an accomplished yoga, practice of more than 2-3 hours is essential. For maintaining general well being, an hour of practice should suffice.

4. You must practice yoga daily, one weekly off can be considered. If you are not able to practice for 2-3 days due to your other commitments, it will not cause much loss. If time is less on a particular day, you may attempt to do either of asanas, pranayama or meditation. Do not carry any guilt feelings.

5. Your regularity of practice depends much on your mental resolve or determination. So keep a firm resolve to do yoga daily.

6. It is advisable to do yoga daily and keep progressing till yoga becomes a way of life for you.

7. You can also read a related post, doubts about yoga.

Hope this helps.

Warm regards

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