Two Doubts About Yoga

by Vishal
(Bangalore, India)

I will be very greatful to you if you answer may two questions. I have heard that yoga helps a lot for healthy mind and body and I want to practice yoga under a experienced teacher now I have two doubts

1. You have mentioned in one of the question that if we leave practicing yoga it will cause negative effects, is it true. Please tell what to do regarding this.

2. In my past I had some bitter experience which I am not able to forget if I read some article in the paper regarding that I will get mood off or it causes some fear in me. Can yoga help in solving this problem?


Hello Vishal

1. It is always advisable to learn yoga from an experienced teacher. However, your progress on yoga path will depend on how much time you devote to yoga and how successfully you integrate yoga way of life with your lifestyle.

2. If you stop doing yoga there are no negative side effects. But the positive effects of yoga practice will gradually wear away. In yoga, if you practice you progress. Without progress, you start going back to where you started.

3. There are two main goals of yoga practice, physical fitness and spiritual progress. Physical fitness will aid your spiritual progress. Realisation of these goals may take a lifetime. Initially you may feel better by doing yoga, but this feeling of well being is in no way comparable to the bliss true yogis realise. Therefore it is advisable to keep progressing and practice daily.

3. Yoga practice can help you to overcome your fears. Start with yoga asanas and pranayama and gradually start doing meditation and start reading more of books on yoga and spirituality. Once the ignorance is removed, our true self reveals itself. All fears go away when we realise our true self by regular yoga practice and meditation. Doing positive action is more important than worrying. You cannot change the past, but whatever you are doing NOW has a direct bearing on your future. Remember, time is a great healer.

4. Start doing yoga regularly and gradually strive for learning more advanced yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation.

Hope this helps.

Warm regards

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Sep 16, 2016
Nauli kriya doubt
by: Anonymous


I have never actually practised basic yoga but could always do Nauli kriya and agnisara kriya naturally. Lately I thought have been thinking of doing it everyday. I just wanna confirm that when I do it is right.

So I wake up in the morning, drink four glasses of water kept in copper vessel previous night and drink 1 or two glasses of hot water, then I go to the bathroom and clean my stomach. I come out and drink hot water with lime and 2 more glasses of hot water. 5 min later I do Nauli kriya. Like wobbling from left to right 15 times 5 sets, then right to left 15 times 5 sets. After that I do agnisara 15 times 5 sets. Am I doing it right?

Editors Note

You are drinking too much of water before doing Nauli kriya. It is advisable to drink water from copper vessel after you get up in the morning. Thereafter, take lime juice with lukewarm water before going to the bathroom. Stomach must be empty to do Nauli and agnisaar. So keep a gap of approx. 30 minutes or more between drinking of water and any yoga asana or pranayama.

Are you doing any other yoga poses? First do yoga asanas and then you should do Nauli kriya and agnisaar.

Hope it helps

May 01, 2012
Yoga Nidra
by: Anonymous

Every time I do Yoga Nidra, I feel sore afterwords. I am 14 years old, so it is not a health problem. What can I do to help my soreness?

Editors Note
There should not be any soreness after yoga nidra. What is the time duration of your yoga nidra? Use a mat which provides good cushioning or use a soft pillow under your head.

Hope this helps.


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