Clarifications On Precautions For Pranayama

by Anonymous

I would be grateful to get the following clarifications regarding precautions on Pranayama:

Q1. Can Pranayama alone cure high BP?
Answer. Pranayama will definitely be helpful in curing high BP, but we cannot say with confidence that pranayama alone can cure high BP. High BP cannot be cured unless the underlying contributory causes are removed. These causes may be unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep, obesity, stress etc. Take proper medicine as per doctors advice and also do the pranayama recommended for high BP.

Q2. If I am unable to practice most of the yoga asanas, can I do pranayama only?
Answer. It is recommended that practice few easy yoga poses before doing pranayama. Seek help of a yoga teacher to make a suitable yoga poses sequence depending on your health.

Q3. I get pain in the abdomen and low back pain while doing Pranayama in the sitting position. Can I do it in lying on back or standing position?
Answer. Best way to do pranayama is while sitting in any meditative yoga pose. As you are having difficulty in sitting, you can practice pranayama by sitting erect on a chair if it suits you.
In case you are not comfortable sitting on a chair, then you can practice for short durations while standing erect.
If you are too weak, you can do only rhythmic breathing while lying in shavasana (corpse pose). After few days your strength will increase and you shall be able to sit comfortably.

Q4. After completing pranayama, how much time should be allowed to pass before taking meals or snacks?
Answer. You shall wait minimum for 30 minutes.

Q5. Is there any pranayama which can be done without empty stomach?
Answer. All pranayama should be practiced on empty stomach.

Q6. Which Pranayama is best for High BP?
Answer. You can read more about Hypertension and Pranayama

Q7. What is the maximum time for which a Pranayama can be done without break, in one session?
Answer. There is no maximum time limit, but beginners may start with 15 to 20 minutes session. Practice each pranayama for say 10 times and repeat if you feel comfortable.

Never practice pranayama in a hurry or in a competitive manner. Do pranayama only till you feel comfortable. In case you feel any discomfort stop pranayama practice and take rest.

You can read more about precautions for pranayma.

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