Best Time Schedule For Yoga Pranayama Meditation

by Rajendra Vyas
(Bharuch, Gujarat - India)


I am Rajendra and I am 45 years old. Please suggest me best time schedule for my personal YOGA-PRANAYAM-MEDITATION. I do job from 7.45 am to 7.00 pm. So, as per this office timing when I wake up? When do I do yoga, prayer etc. When I go to sleep? Which type of food-Snacks-Breakfast can I take. We are purely vegetarian. I am totally healthy man. No blood pressure/ diabetes etc.

So, please help me. I want to improve my body flexibility, spirituality and sitting position.

Rajendra Vyas


Hello Rajendar

It is good to know that you are in good health and want to start yoga. A regular practice of yoga can help you to lead a healthy life. Here I will be suggesting a generic solution for you. You are free to adapt according to availability of time.


~ Getting Up in the morning : 04:30 A.M
(Take bath, freshen up and be ready for yoga.)

~ Yoga Time: 05:00 A.M to 06:30 A.M
(This can include 50 minutes of yoga, 15 minutes for pranayama, 15 minutes for meditation and 10 minutes of relaxation)

~ Have a light breakfast at 07:15 A.M

~ Eat a home cooked nutritous lunch.

~ Eat your dinner by 08:00 P.M. Gradually reduce the portions in your dinner. Eat as less as possible.

~ Sleep by 10:00 P.M

Healthy Eating Observe the principles of yogic diet. Eat only for nutrition and not for taste. Do not take fried or junk food as snacks in between meals. Instead, eat a fruit, some nuts or roasted snacks.

Spirituality. For progress in yoga a disciplined daily routine is the first requirement. Along with your yoga practice, try to follow the various yamas and niyamas as these are the pillars of yoga practice. Spirituality is not a theory, it has to be lived practically and it will reflect in your behaviour with others.

Yoga practice also means that you adapt your life as per yogic principles. Look inwards, improve yourself first, maintain your peace of mind, have better control of senses etc. Here are some suggestions:

~ Always aim for Self Improvement
~ Surrender to God
~ Offer your prayers regularly
~ Seek company of spiritual people
~ Self Study to clear all doubts and ignorance
~ Do good karma

During the weekendsor whenever you have spare time, read books on yoga, spirituality or healthy life style.

You can read Gita for spiritual progress and try to understand the teachings and adopt it in your lifestyle.

Hope this helps.

Warm regards


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May 19, 2016
About yoga
by: Urwash

If I wake up at 8 am. Can I do pranayam and yoga that time? Or only at very early in morning. Plz suggest time..

Editors Note
Early morning is the best time for doing yoga. However, yoga can be done at other times provided you are on empty stomach and you are not too much tired. You can do yoga after you wake up.

Hope it helps

Jan 27, 2016
What should be pranayam timings for night shift persons
by: Anonymous


I do night shift always from 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM with Saturday and Sunday off. Following my shift pattern I sleep at 5:30 AM and wake up at 1:00 PM in afternoon, please let me know suitable timings for pranayam as per my shift, or do I need to shift my sleeping hours?

Editors Note
It depends on your meal timings also. Suppose if you take lunch at around 1:30 P.M, then do yoga or pranayama at around 5 P.M. You may experiment with suitable timing variations and see what suits you better.

Hope it helps

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