Benefits Of Yoga

Benefits of yoga are immense and cannot be explained in simple words. Yoga is a system to be practiced and then only you can appreciate the real benefits of yoga.  You can think of yoga as a system that can provide you with a well tuned body and a controlled and balanced mind which lays down the foundation for a healthy life.

Yoga as a system can be adopted to have a disease free body and also as an alternative therapy to cure most of the diseases.

There are several styles of yoga and different levels of yoga practice. The real beauty of yoga is that its benefits start manifesting whatever style of yoga you follow and whatever be the level of your practice. 

The only condition to get benefits from yoga practice is to  learn yoga from a qualified yoga teacher followed up by  disciplined and  regular yoga practice. A regular practice of yoga over a long period can make significant changes to your body, mind and your life itself.

Yoga For Health And Fitness

Yoga practice improves your health and fitness.  Yoga practice exercises your muscles and massages your internal organs.  Yoga improves the functioning of  endocrine, nervous, digestive, respiratory and digestive systems  and improves their coordination to create a balanced body.  Thus yoga practice concentrates on all parts of the body and provides all round improvement of various body systems.
The various health benefits are as follows:

  • Makes your body flexible.
  • Tunes your metabolism.
  • Give you a feeling of well being which is not available with any other exercise.
  • It works like magic as it enables the body to realize its full potential of good health.
  • Derive maximum nutritive value from the food you eat.
  • Yoga promotes overall health and provide natural immunity against diseases.
  • Proper breathing and relaxation result in deeper, relaxed sleep and  general sense of restfulness and well being.

New Way of Life

Yoga is not simply physical exercises to keep fit. It is a transformation of mind and body whereby we embrace a new lifestyle a way of life where we are more comfortable with what is outside and what is inside. There is no dichotomy..mind is balanced and peaceful.

Balanced Mind

Yoga relaxes your nerves and recharges your nervous system. The mind is brought under control, the fluctuations of mind are stilled. This bring harmony in your thoughts and actions. Once the mind is stilled it becomes more focused and you can carry out your mission in life without worrying about other minor distractions of life.

Energise Your Personal Life

  • Yoga can bring in perfection, peace and lasting happiness.
  • Yoga teaches patience.
  • Excellent physical health leads to relaxed approach to our emotional problems.
  • Learn to live without tensions, you discover your own optimum potential.
  • Student of yoga finds himself in control of his thoughts instead of being controlled by them.

Recharge Your Professional Life

  • Improve efficiency.
  • Improves memory.
  • Brings your emotions under control and improves your Emotional Quotient.
  • Yoga makes you a healthy and relaxed individual.
  • Improves decision making as you are always at peace with yourself.
  • Yoga practice provides enough energy and vigour to last the day.
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