Basic Yoga: Understand Yoga For Good Health

Understanding even basic yoga principles is not easy for a beginner. Yoga is a complex discipline and it may take years for a person to perfect it. Yogis are the persons who devote their entire life to practice of yoga. Yogis even in their eighties can surprise you with their firm posture, glowing texture of their skin and their flexibility to perform yoga asanas.

Fortunately, basics of yoga are really simple. Yoga is a practical discipline to be followed. As a beginner you can start with a very simple yoga sequence. You can start slowly and then progress at your own pace. A beginner to yoga should not start with rigorous exercises or difficult poses.

Set your own goals after you feel positive effects of yoga in your life. Even following a few simple asanas and pranayama can help you to save thousands on your doctor's bill.

Who Can Do Yoga?

  • There is no age limit for practice of yoga. Any body who is in good health from the age of 12 years up to 100 years (only regular practitioners) can practice yoga. Children below 12 years of age must do yoga only under supervision of an experienced yoga teacher.
  •  All yoga poses (asanas) and pranayama are  safe for people in perfect health with no known medical problems, provided correct technique is followed.
  •   If you have some health issues/medical problem, seek guidance of your doctor before starting yoga.
  •  Your yoga teacher can  guide you to asanas which may be especially suitable for you and also asanas which should be avoided.
  • Women need to  consult their doctor when starting yoga after child birth.
  • Women need to take precautions for doing yoga during menstrual period.
  • Seek advice of your doctor before starting yoga after  surgery.
  • Weak, inflexible and obese persons can  start yoga  under guidance of yoga teacher.

Choose Yoga For Your Requirements

In case, you are keen to become a yogi, you may have to devote your life for yoga practice under supervision of a yoga guru. But what we are searching here is a practical way to improve our day-to-day living. Why to wait indefinitely for starting yoga? You can integrate yoga with your life right away. Start with me right now!

There is lot of commercialisation of yoga. Therefore, it becomes very difficult for a beginner to decide on how to start yoga without spending money. There are various types of yoga being taught by different people. For beginners there is a need to focus on simple asanas. Yoga in its simplified form can be practiced by anybody with 30 minutes to one hour to spare.

How To Start Yoga Practice?

This site will provide you an overview of yoga where you can start with basic yoga sitting at home. The exercises covered will be such that can be carried out by healthy persons by carefully reading the instructions. Our main goal is to spread the awareness of yoga to people who don't have access to any guide or guru but are keen to start yoga. Understanding basics of yoga is very essential for your further progress in yoga.

Practicing of basic yoga does not require any elaborate planning or euipment. You need to  be regular with yoga practice to get optimum benefits.

However for advanced yoga techniques and spiritual progress, it would be extremely difficult and sometimes harmful to proceed without the constant guidance of a Guru.

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