Asana And Pranayam For 35 Minutes

by Anonymous

Since I cannot spare spare more than thirty five minutes a day for practicing yoga so it is not possible to do too many asanas and pranayams. Please help me selecting asanas and their duration of practice? I want to gain weight and improve my mental ability..Does it help?


The time available for you to practice yoga is 35 minutes. You can experience benefits of yoga even if you do yoga daily for 35 minutes. A simple scheme is suggested. You can make some changes as per your requirement.

1. Asanas : 15 minutes
(Suryanamaskar 10-15 times and any of other asanas like tadasana, trikonasana, shalabhasana, pawanmuktasana, bhujangasana, janushirasana)

2. Pranayama : 10 minutes
(Alom Vilom, Kapalabhati, Ujjayi or Bhramri)

3. Meditation : 5 minutes
(Practice breath awareness and aum recitation)

4. Relaxation : 5 minutes
(shavasana or yoga nidra)

Eat healthy, sleep well and you can gain weight.

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