Yoga : The meaning in the Emptiness

by Claudia Joshi
(Pune, Maharashtra, India)

Yoga : The Meaning in the Emptiness! Yoga as we know it- the various physical postures and breathing exercises. However, going back in time Yogasutra written 2500 years ago by Patanjali defines yoga as the ‘stilling of mind’. It is an attempt to empty the mind. Yog is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’- which is the practice of connecting the ‘atma’ and the ‘paramatma’( the soul and the Supreme Being)

Rightfully, it is beyond the postures and stretching and breathing- it is finding yourself and being comfortable in who you are, it is looking for that person lost in the din and the bustle of this mundane world. It is to connect, to balance and to be in harmony with the self.

Yoga is a mind process- it is a state of mind. Getting centered through the awareness of the physicality- the postures and breathing that help us navigate towards the peace and quiet the mind has to offer. Awareness of the body brings us to the present moment and keeps us in the here and now. In the ‘Now’ we are free from the past and the future. This is when we experience bliss and completeness. Learning to let go and freeing ourselves of all the worries and stress – even if it is for a short while( hopefully with practice, I should be able to hold on to it
for longer).

The mind – body synchronization brings about relaxation, ease and profound peace. Physical discomfort and stress is replaced by a supple and pain free body and a tired confused mind sees clarity and meaning in life.

For me Yoga has been a medium through which I manage my life and keep myself centered. The one hour I spend in the morning practising yoga is the best gift I could give myself. The early morning walk to the studio, the ever calm and collected Dr. Mani- my yoga guru, the soothing music, the like minded fellow practitioners and friends, the suryanamaskars, the asanas, the mudras, the pranayamas, mind and body in sync-I am at peace with myself. I am calm and connected and physically- leaner, stronger and healthier. Suppleness, grace and confidence I bring home everyday.

The conscious breathing is something that I enjoy – keeps me connected to myself even when I go through my busy days. The dullness is replaced by zeal to work well, and a willingness for self- improvement and new learnings, to follow my dreams and to be a better ‘me’. In an attempt to empty my mind I found everything I was looking for.

I was seeking good health, peace, harmony and balance in my life- and Yoga gave me all and more.

Claudia Joshi
Image Consultant, Behavioural Skills trainer and Life Coach
6, Aug 2014

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Aug 20, 2014
Yoga For Mind
by: Arunachalam

Yes, it is bringing body and mind synchronising with each other. A peaceful mind is a powerful tool to achieve the life goals. We should practice yoga everyday. After a long period you can see wonderful results. For that you must have patience and then everything will follow you.

Editors Note
Yes, yoga is a game of patience with assured returns, provided you know the rules and follow them.


Aug 19, 2014
Thanks For Sharing Your Yoga Experience
by: Daljit

Dear Claudia

Thanks for sharing your wonderful yoga experience. As you have rightly said yoga is a journey of self discovery where something more than yoga asanas and pranayama is to be learned. I am sure this post will inspire other yoga aspirants to lead a balanced,happy and purposeful life.

May God bless you to take your yoga journey to highest levels.

Warm regards

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