Yoga Routine Advice For Weak Bladder

I have a weak bladder - meaning, its underactive and I am unable to urinate and hence have urinary retention. No medical issues - all test came out good. No pain- or any other side effects. I am absolutely active and perform activities without issues. But I have urinary retention problem.

So I am thinking to add Yoga to my daily routine. I started with surya namaskarams and can comfortably do. I am targeting for 10 sets daily. Now I want to add pranayama as well. Please suggest which pranayama is better, and time for each type of pranayama, order and when to do. Reading your blogs, I understand that do surya namaskaram first and then shavasana followed by pranayam. Please advice.


You have already started with suryanamaskars, you can gradually increase the number of sets say up to 24.

Initially say for a month focus on a yoga for relaxation and overall rejuvenation of whole body. Do not over exert and start with an easy sequence consisting of suryanamaskars, few easy yoga asanas and pranayama(rhythmic breathing, anulom vilom) followed by omkar chanting and shavasana in the end. Once you become comfortable with yoga poses and pranayama, you can further learn more asanas and pranayama. For time being, practice moolbandh which will be specifically beneficial for you.

You can go through a suggested simple yoga sequence for yoga beginners. Are you familiar with yoga asanas or you are a complete beginner? A beginners yoga sequence for you will also depend on your previous yoga experience.

In case you have any doubt please do contact me.

Hope this helps

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