Yoga for Fractured Ankle

by Archana

I had fractured my ankle in an accident and the nerve which goes from lower leg to foot was ruptured. After the surgery the ankle joint was fixed, but recovery was all dependent on central nerve recovery. Doctor told me that there is 60 % chance that you will be alright. I was feeling very upset.

I went back home and by chance the yoga program by Baba Ramdev on television and started doing yoga 1 hour in morning and 1 hour in evening. I had to complete my studies, as only 6 months left to complete my post graduation. The stress was in the peak. I started Yoga to relieve stress and better productivity and maintained a very good positive attitude for all problems being resolved and resigned myself on God. I never had a gap of single day in my practice and in 5 months, doctor was surprised to see my progress. My bone was joined properly and MRI showed nerve working correctly. Previously I was not able to move any of my fingers of right foot. I was able to move fingers. Then finally when I went to take off screws from my foot. Another doctor again was very much surprised to see the recovery and called up the doctor who operated to congratulate him of success of such a complex case. Now I am all healthy.

I was able to complete my post graduation on time and then I started my job after 6 months of fracture:). I was able to cope up my job and my schedule independently from day 1. I felt its a new me.

I kept my diet good and healthy and full of protein. I did some light exercises of leg for 30 mins and then 30 mins overall for KapalBhati, anulom vilom and shavasana.

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Jan 14, 2016
Thanks Archana
by: Daljit

Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience. Your experience shows that will power, regular yoga practice with total dedication aids healing.

Warm regards

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