Yoga For Allergies & Breathing Problems

by Anonymous

I had heard from everyone that one should keep the immune system strong to fight from various diseases. But I think only proper diet, doesn't help. Proper balance in diet and even exercise is a must.

My diet was good but still was not able to cure the symptoms of allergy. Breathing problems, tightness in chest, sore throat was making my health worst. Also, I was having acidity problem at times. Practicing yoga has changed my life. Thank you God for showing me way through Daljit Mam by giving helpful hints on yoga practice, diet and lifestyle advice.

I will like to share the following as it may help others with similar issues.

I am 24 years old female and my weight is 48 kg. In Nov last year I was having acute bronchitis, doctor told me that my lung is weak. Sometimes because of dust and indoor and even outdoor pollution. My breathing become worse. I wanted to make my lungs strong just to reduce the symptoms of allergy (breathing problem). At that time I was doing meditation for 10 to 15 minutes (after waking up and drinking warm water).

Yoga Practice
Thereafter, I started my pranayama (deep breathing) and even morning walk. I gradually observed improvements and and my breathing problem was coming under control. In the early morning I drink warm water (one glass) and eat one banana and go for morning walk (30 min). After walk, I do meditation and pranayama for 30 min. I made changes to my diet also by eating healthy.

The acidity problem was resolved by drinking zeera (cumin seeds)/ajwain (carom seeds) tea and avoiding water before and just after fruits. I eat fruits before meals and do not eat fruits after meals. Also, I started eating light snacks like fruits or dry fruits between major meals.

Change in Daily Routine
I also made changes to my daily routine. My daily routine is as follows:

7:00 A.M: waking up (drinking half lime with warm water and honey) and eat one banana (earlier i was eating 3 biscuits)
7:30 to 8:00 A.M: clearing bowels and bath
8:00 to 8:30 A.M: Yoga practice
9:00 A.M: chyawanprash ( after ten min breakfast)
9:15 to 8:00 P.M: my office timing ( walking is included as I walk 30 min to reach office
8:15 P.M: fruits ( banana and peanut) (earlier i was taking tea with biscuits)
9:00 P.M: Chyawanprash (one teaspoon)
9:30 P.M: Dinner
11:45 P.M: go to sleep

Now I am free from breathing problems, tightness in chest, sore throat and acidity.

Thank you once again.

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