Yoga Asanas After Hernia Surgery

by Anonymous

I had surgery of inguinal hernia before 5 months so I want to ask that can I do yogasanas now which needs much stretching.


You should ask your doctor about resuming any exercise after surgery. You should avoid doing asanas that increases abdominal pressure till your doctor declares you fully fit.

For people with hernia problems, poses which put pressure on our abdomen like cobra pose(bhujangasana), locust pose(shalabhasana), peacock pose (mayur asana), plough pose (halasana) and bow (dhanurasana) should be avoided. Also avoid asanas which require forward bending.

Yoga can help you to recover from surgery, but start gradually and do not push your practice too far. Here are some of the simplest exercises which canbe done initially.

~ Pranayama (except kapalabhati)
~ Seating poses padmasana or vajrasanaa
~ Practice meditation and concentration exercises in sitting poses.
~ Relaxing poses like shavasana and yoga nidra

Seek help of your doctor and your yoga teacher and decide on a safe sequence depending on your present health.


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Jul 15, 2016
by: Anonymous


I am 21. I had joined mixed martial arts. It had not been more than 3 weeks & I found an inguinal hernia near my groin. I wish to know that after I recover from my surgery would it be possible for me to continuey training in the same.

Editors Note
Can not comment on fitness required for marital arts.

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