Weight Loss and Back Pain

by Rama

I am home maker. My weight is 76 kg, height is 5'3" and age is 40 years.

I want to lose weight but I have back pain when ever I walk or stand for some time. I am doing kapalabhati 3 round of 100 stokes and some back exercises as well as 10 suryanamskars.

I do not take fried or junk foods. I take mostly oats or Dalia in breakfast. Two roti, dal sabji in lunch and no rice at all. 2 cup green tea in a day. I take dinner before 7 P.M, 2 roti sabji and around 9 P.M I take one cup of skimmed milk. But I am not getting satisfactory results. Please help me.


Hello Rama

1. It is recommended that you do yoga under guidance as doing yoga on your own can harm you.

2. Do not do kapalabhati as it is not recommended for people having back pain. Doing kapalabhati further strains the back muscles.

3. It is advisable to stop doing all yoga asanas except asanas that strengthen the back muscles. Therefore, do not do suryamanmaskar till back pain goes away.

4. Get physiotherapy for back pain or acupressure to get immediate relief. Do not do yoga till back pain goes away. Once pain is relieved, you can start with simple yoga poses for back strengthening.

5. For losing weight do more of walking to burn more calories. Also you can review your diet in terms of sugar or fats you consume. You need to add more of salads, sprouts and fruits to your diet.

6. Also please provide the correct yoga sequence you follow.

7. I have already sent you the link by email for providing more details and filling up the consultation form.

Warm regards

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Aug 31, 2017
No matter what I do not able to lose weight
by: Anonymous

I am a female with weight 74 kg and height 5'3". I have been doing yoga/zumba etc for at least 40 min a day, controlled eating with not more than 1200 calories a day. I keep walking and use stairs at least 10/12 times day, don't sit at one place for more time. Stopped eating junk foods like chips and maggi but still not managed to lose even an ounce of weight which is very demotivating. I gain weight easily and losing has become an impossible task. What's wrong with me?

Editors Note
You need to consult a doctor to check there is no medical issue. Thereafter focus on your diet and lifestyle, seek help if required..

Hope this helps

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