Thyroid Surgery And Pranayama Practice

Can I practice Pranayama, because my thyroid gland is removed 10 years ago. I already practice sun salutation exercises already for three months every day. But thinking about Pranayama and still searching. And I had bronchial problems lately. Not very much serious but still have it. Is it safe to practice pranayama. Thank you very much..


You have not mentioned your age or health status. I guess if you are doing surya namaskars regularly your overall health may be good.

You can do pranayama. Start with rhythmic breathing (5 min) and anulom vilom pranayama (5-10 minutes) for 2 weeks. If you feel better thereafter, gradually increase the duration of these pranamayama and add bhramri and shitali (in summers). At the end or pranayama do aum recitation (11 times) and rest in shavasana for 5 minutes. If you are physically fit you can learn kapalabhati from a yoga teacher and start practicing it along with other pranayama.

Any time you feel uncomfortable, stop pranayama practice. Here are some precautions for pranayama and guidelines for pranayama.


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Jul 25, 2017
Thyroid surgery and kalapalabhati
by: Harish

My thyroid was removed in September 2015. I have been taking 150 mg thyronorm tablet daily with calcium 1000 mg daily. Which type of pranayama or yoga can help me for build up health. Can I practice kapalbhati? My age is 34 years? I follow up my regular check up after every 3 months. My doctor advised me nothing to worry. But I do not feel well at times.

Editors Note
You need to start yoga practice under guidance. Doing kapalabhati alone is not a suggested yoga practice. You can start with simple yoga poses, pranayama (rhythmic breathing and anulom vilom) and yoga nidra.

Hope it helps

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