Technique For Ujjayi Pranayama

How do we contract our inner throat muscle for ujjayi pranayama?



Technique For Generating Ujjayi Sound.
During inhalation and exhalation, as the air flows through the throat a soft sound is produced by partial closing of glottis. Concentrate on the passage of air through the throat and restrict the passage by contracting the glottis.

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For creation of sound, vocal chords are not used only, resistance to air flow in the throat causes the sound.

By ujjayi breath the sound created resembles, sound of ocean waves or gentle snoring of a newborn child.

It is better to learn it from a yoga teacher who can demonstrate and then you can keep practicing.

1. It is easier to produce the sound while exhaling as compared to inhalation. Therefore, first try to get the sound while exhaling.

2. Just to get the idea, place a mirror in front of your mouth and try to fog the mirror by exhaling through the mouth, a slight sound is created without activation of vocal chords. Now, exhale through the mouth and try to restrict passage of air to create the sound. Restrict the passage of throat by contracting the throat muscles. Imagine air is passing through the throat and you are contracting your throat muscles to narrow down the passage.

3. Now try producing the sound while inhaling and exhaling as well.

4. It will take some time to master the sound. Therefore, be patient and do not spoil the quality of breath in order to create the sound. With patience and regular practice, you will be able to generate ujjayi breathing sound.

5. During initial practice, slight irritation in the throat can manifest but will go away after few days of practice.

1. Do not over exert to perform ujjayi. Breathing must not be forced.

2. Breathing should be steady, smooth and rhythmic.

Hope this helps.


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Dec 16, 2011
Thanks to you, now figured it out
by: Anonymous

Thank you very much, I was looking for answer to that. I didn't find a proper explanation about the sound even in Light on Pranayama of Iyengar. I was trying to do this using vocal cords, and it was hurting me.

Editors Note
Thanks for your kind words and all the best for your yoga practice..

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