Sleeping Late And Doing Meditation

by Anonymous

I actually had tried meditation some time ago, the precaution I didn't take was that I used sleep really late those days somewhat at 2:30 A.M , 1:30 A.M or once at 3:00 A.M, and used to wake up at 6:30 A.M. This along with meditation before sleeping (5 mins) went on for about more than 2, 3 weeks and after that I suddenly kind of fell very depressed. My sleep was very much affected, I felt as if I had nothing to do. There was lot of anxiety, negativity and my mind used to flash negative images, concentration too went for a six. Now I am fine, just a bit of headache (sometimes). But I would be very glad to know all the things that should be followed for doing anulom vilom pranayama, each step, because it awakens the pranic energy and all, and I do not want to mess with my bodily energies and cause myself any harm. Also I have started sleeping on the right time. I was being over enthusiastic, sleeping too late and studies. Hence please answer. Thank You.

Editors Note

Yoga and meditation practice must be carried out in a systematic manner and you cannot start practicing on your own whereby you may start with a particular asana or pranayama or meditation.

The gradual progress in yogic path is from asanas to pranayama and thereafter meditation. For doing meditation it is mandatory to learn from a teacher, as a teacher will prepare you mentally and physically to start with suitable meditation technique.

In your case, you are doing meditation but sleeping too late and too less. This is to be strictly avoided as sleep deprivation can drain your energy and make you irritable or depressed. By sleeping less, your body and vital organs get more stressed each day and any amount of yoga and meditation will not help. As a result, yoga practice or meditation will do no good but may harm your body.

Therefore, it is recommended that
~ You follow a disciplined lifestyle with proper sleep, rest and relaxation.
~ Practice a yoga sequence comprising of various yoga asanas and pranayama in addition to meditation.
~ You must take 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

As you progress gradually in your yoga practice, you become more aware of your body. With this increased awareness, your body will not let allow you to do yoga if you are too tired or feeling sleepy.

You may refer to a generic beginning yoga sequence.

Hope this helps

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