Right Room Temperature For Doing Yoga

by DR. G

What is the right room temperature for doing yoga? I have problems with teachers not having the room warm. My body hurts and will not relax to stretch my muscles and I am sore the next day. Also my mind will not relax. I do not think they care.


Right room temperature for yoga is the temperature at which you feel comfortable and do not feel any discomfort due to temperature while doing yoga. For doing yoga, we cannot specify a particular room temperature as this will vary for people living in different regions and also the humidity levels. Temperatures in the range of 22 to 30 °C (72 to 86 °F) may be considered to be comfortable for yoga practice.

Do the other people doing yoga along with you also feeling that the room is cold and need heating. Talk to your yoga teacher. In case yoga teacher is not able to find a solution to your problem, find another place to do yoga.

~ Yoga is to be preferably done in an open ground/ park or in a well ventilated room.

~ In case of mild summers, fan can be used.

~ In peak summer season, yoga can be performed in an air conditioned environment.

~ In mild winters, room heating may not be required. In this case if proper winter yoga wear is used, body gets warmed up during the yoga practice and you may not feel cold.

~ In extreme winters, heating of room may be required for yoga practice. How can anybody focus on yoga practice if body is feeling cold?

Hope this helps.

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