Resolution of Migraine With Yoga And EFT

by Saraswathi

I have been chronic patient of migraine for the last 5 years I was looking to yoga for a solution to my migraine problem. I happened to log in to the website yoga for beginners somewhere in the month of March 2017 with a query for a solution to migraine and sinusitis. I was pleasantly surprised at the prompt reply I received. I was advised lifestyle change and yoga.I could not understand what a lifestyle change could be. It was their initative in calling me up that helped to break the ice I could not understand the triggers for my migraine. There could be many reasons for migraine like improper lifestyle,lack of sleep emotional blockades causing stress. All these issues had to be addressed in my case. It was felt that my problem required a holistic approach

We had series of interactions on my daily routine/schedule, my personal life, my family and the person I was. I was told that technique called EFT with combination of pranamaya and meditation would do wonders for me.

In the first place, I was advised to make suitable changes in my daily routine like early wake up and sleep timings and gave me tentative daily routine schedule. Next I had two sessions on meditation through a voice call. Then we started on EFT with about 3 sessions to address my emotional blocks and lack of sleep.

All along the therapy, I trusted my counsellor on the line of treatment adopted though initially I had apprehensions. EFT worked wonders for me and in about three months my migraine attacks have become far and few. I have resolved my migraine problem to a large extent through a sincere practice of yoga and meditation along with kind blessings of the Almighty and support of my counsellor.

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