Regain My Body Shape

by Anju
(Trivandrum, Kerela)

How to regain my body shape through diet?


It is understood from your question that you want to get your body in good shape.

Yogis eat as per yogic diet and practice yoga regularly. Yoga practice over a long period of time will result in balanced body weight and perfect figure. Though yogis may not look like body builders but they have got immense strength and mental toughness.

To get in better shape, three things are most important:
~ Do regular yoga or any other exercise. Or you may do yoga along with any other exercise.
~ Eat healthy and limit the calorific value of food you eat per day.
~ Modify your lifestyle to lead a more active life as per yogic lifestyle.

One to one and half hour of yoga practice daily will help you to get into perfect shape depending on your fitness levels and age. Practice yoga for at least two months to expect reasonable results.

Regarding diet, follow the principles of yogic diet and ensure the following:
~ Eat healthy.
~ Strictly avoid deep fried, processed and frozen food.
~ Avoid sugar, salt, tea and coffee.
~ Eat only as much is required for the body.
~ Eat at fixed timings.
~ Eat early dinner and no snacks after dinner.

You should consult a dietician for giving you a diet plan as per your lifestyle, eating habits and age. Similarly, consult a yoga teacher in your area to get a personalised yoga sequence.

Hope this helps


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Yogic Diet
by: sanjeevkumar

Hi Anju,

To get body in shape,first thing you need to do is follow the below principle:
"Eat breakfast like a king, Eat lunch like a prince and Eat dinner like a pauper".

With above principle adopt perfect eating timings.
In addition to Daljit's suggestions drink water one hour before and after meal. Eat how much your body needs i,e while eating when you get first burp your body is indicating that stop eating, it has reached maximum limit.

Eat more green vegetables.
Drink daily 12 glasses of water.

Hope this helps for you.

Sanjeev Kumar

Editors Note
Thanks Sanjeev for your valuable suggestions.


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