Protien In Urine

by Hari


I am a diabetic since last 15 years and have been on insulin since the age of 15 years. Recently I have been diagnosed with hypertension and high cholestrol.

Last month I have been diagnosed with some protein in my urine. However, the blood urea and creatinine levels are fine. GFR > 10. Have started doing yoga and pranayama since then.

Kindly suggest.


Seek proper medical advice from your doctor about the test results and your medical conditions. Both diabetes and high blood pressure can result in protein in urine.

You need to keep on doing yoga asanas and pranayama in order to improve your health and get proper rest and relaxation. You have to include the following in your yoga practice:
~ Yoga asanas
~ Yoga breathing
~ Yoga meditation
~ Lifestyle changes

With diabetes and hypertension, your diet control should be very strict as advised by your doctor or dietician/ nutritionist.

For managing cholesterol, you have to minimise your intake of high cholesterol foods such as ice cream and other dairy products, non vegetarian food, all types of processed fatty foods, fats, sugar etc. In addition an rigorous walking program should be started to burn away the extra cholesterol.

You can also read the following articles and make your yoga sequence as per the asanas suggested here:
~ how to control Type-I diabetes with Yoga.
~ Yoga For Hypertension And Anxiety

Select easy yoga asanas that you are able to do comfortably. Main focus is on building up strength. After say practice of 3-4 weeks, do more of pranayama, meditation and Aum recitation. Gradually increase the duration of the pranayama and the asanas for more benefit.

It is recommended to visit a yoga teacher locally to finalise the yoga sequence.

Hope this helps.


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