Problem While Doing Yoga

by MG Sharma
(Ambala, India)

Please tell the duration of doing yoga for person of 54 yrs of age. When yoga is done successfully one day, a sleep disorder occurred in that same night. As a result of which next day yoga exercises could not be done as the body is not fully relaxed after sleep.

This must be a temporary phenomenon and likely to go away. Yoga practice should not make any disruption to your sleeping unless you are doing yoga late into the evening. If that is the case, do yoga early morning.

For a healthy person of your age, one hour of yoga practice can be sufficient.

Here are some other things to be kept in mind:

Sedentary Lifestyle. If a person is not having active lifestyle or daily exercise, then it is recommended to start yoga gradually and do not force the body. Though it may look simple, but yoga practice do make us tired. You can reduce your duration of yoga or do fewer asanas and do more of pranayama or meditation. If body is not fit due to sedentary lifestyle, start with doing yoga for half an hour and 15 minutes for pranayama.

Learn From a Yoga Teacher. Best idea will be to learn from an experienced yoga teacher for some time and then continue with your yoga practice.

Practice Meditation. Include meditation in your yoga practice. Before sleeping do rhythmic breathing and become aware of your breathing for a while before sleeping.

Adequate Rest. Take rest for 10 minutes in shavasana after yoga practice. Sleep early to ensure 7-8 hours of sound sleep and rise early in the morning.

Hope this helps.

With warm regards

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