Pranayama Practice and High Pulse Rate

by Sri

Hello.. I have some question regarding yoga. I practice kapalabhati and anulom vilom daily from many time, and some other exercises. I did not have any problem. I do pranayam for 30 min kapalabhati and 30 min anulom vilom(recently I increased the time). I never had high BP problem. I was always healthy and active. But last night when I went to sleep I felt my heart was beating so fast, and I could not sleep. My whole body was shivering. Whenever, I tried to sleep, I felt trying to sleep I felt a jerks and then breathing problem. Whole night I suffered, I could hear my heart beat. I never felt this type of situation in my whole life. I am 32 year old. Today my pluse rate is 115, my BP is 140/40.

Can you tell me shall I stop doing kapalabhati and anulom vilom pranayama? I have lost about 10 kg weight doing exercise and pranayam recently..


I suggest please meet your doctor as soon as possible. What is your BP now? Your pulse rate is high and you have mentioned BP as 140/90.(Is it correct?)

I will give detailed answer to your query by writing a page online. But I suggest you visit your doctor as soon as possible and do not do kapalabhati till your doctor or an experienced yoga teacher clears you. There can be a problem with kapalabhati technique/ overdoing it or some medical issue.

You can do shavasana, yoga nidra for time being... alom vilom (provided you do not experience any discomfort)

Follow Up Question

Hello Sir,

Thanks for your reply. Please help me, I had met a doctor yesterday, he told me to undergo ECG, Sugar test etc. My BP was 140/80 and pulse 115.

Whenever I am trying to sleep, I felt a jerk and my pulse rate increase. I can hear my heart beat so fast.

From today I have stopped all exercises. I started pranayama more than 1 year ago. I never came across any problem before this. I am only 32 years old.

That night I felt that my life was finished. Two days ago I felt light pain in my chest(left side), I was confused, I thought breast pain and I gave pressure with my hand to feel the pain. Many time I did that. That night after finishing my dinner I talked to my
friend at 12 AM. Then I drank one glass warm water. That time I felt hot and sweat a little. Then I read my books, prepared my bed, at 1 AM I went to sleep. Till then I was not feeling any difficulty in my body. Within 10 min, I felt sleepy suddenly I felt jerking and my heart started to beat very fast.

I thought it was normal but it happened 2nd time then 3rd time. Then I felt problem in breathing also. I could not sleep that night, I was crying, my heart was beating so fast that my body started to shiver. It happened on 18.03.14 night.

Doctor gave me a tablet for nerve problem, vitamin tablet and BP tablet. I did not buy the BP tablet.

Two months ago, I checked my BP and it was normal ..120/80. I do not want to eat medicines. Please help me.

The symptoms you have mentioned can be due to a number of reasons which can be diagnosed by a doctor only. The problem may be due to anxiety, acid reflux or some problem with the heart.

Here are my suggestions for you:
~ Do not use your own judgement, get the investigations completed as advised and follow the advice of a doctor. Also, take medicine as prescribed.
~ It is better not to do any exercise till you feel better.
~ However, you may do shavasana and yoga nidra for relaxation. Rhythmic breathing can also be practiced.
~ Observe for few days and once you feel better, start doing exercises as per doctors advice.
~ Do not do kapalabhati pranayama till your BP comes down. After that it is suggested get a yoga sequence in consultation with a yoga teacher and also clarify that you are using correct technique while doing yoga poses or pranayama.
~ In case you are experiencing stress at work or home, try to relax, slow down a bit and take proper rest and sleep.
~ Eat healthy and nutritious food low on fats and high on fiber.

Please understand that there is problem of high BP or symptoms related to heart pain, first take medicine as advised by doctor. Once your condition improves, you can resume yoga. Yoga benefits our health on long term basis and does not provide a cure if your symptoms demand treatment on high priority.

Hope this help.

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Jul 01, 2018
by: Anonymous

You are suffering from some kind of anxiety, dont confuse with your High blood pressure...Blood pressure changes every time...every minute based on our stress level..take care of your interstine.. keep it acidic free... hope things will be set right always....

Jul 01, 2018
Possible solution
by: Anonymous

I understand you have increased acidity, which causes gas to rise up the trachea and increases the pulse rate..nothing to worry..stop kapalabhati... Hope you would have done this.... Nothing to fear...

Om saravanabhavaya Namaha

Jan 14, 2018
Kapal Bhati is the culprit
by: Anonymous

The problems you faced is 100 percent due to kapal bhati. kapal bhati elevates BP. if you do kapal bhati for half and hour it will damage your heart and many othersystems completely. stop doing KB. i had same issues

Mar 21, 2014
High Pulse Rate
by: Sri

Thank you Daljit ji,

I must follow your advise. I will do all the tests prescribed by the doctor. I am from Jalpaiguri. It is hard to find a yoga teacher here. I searched on net then learn all information about yoga and pranayama.

I am doing yoga and exercise for more than one year but never faced any problem. Why this happened with me? What was wrong? Can you teach me the right procedure? I do this following exercises daily:

In the morning-
1. Uttanpadasana(single legs,then both legs)(20)
2. Leg scissors(400)
3. Bicycle crunch(100)
4. Sit up(100)
5. Cycling(lying on bed)(200)

In the evening-
1. Kapalbhati and Anulom Vilom

Please suggest on this. Am I doing right or wrong?

Editors Note

In the morning you are doing the exercises. You can switch over to yoga. In yoga you do not do much repetitions, instead hold the pose for a fixed duration which can be from 10 seconds to one minute depending on the pose and your strength. I suggest you start with a beginners yoga sequence, start with a few poses and then build up your practice.

In the evening do not do kapalabhati for time being and instead do rhythmic breathing, anulom vilom, bhramri, ujjayi breathing. End with Aum recitations and shavasana.

Practice yoga nidra at least twice a week.

Try to relax and all should be well.

Further references:
Yoga and Relaxation

Beginners Yoga Sequence

Hope this helps

Mar 21, 2014
by: Arunachalam

Sir, it seems you are having psychyatric problem.better undergo deep meditation before sleep.moolathara meditation Will give good sleep.take acupuncture treatment for BP problem as it will not involve medicine.

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