Pranayama For Progressive System Sclerosis with ILD

by Neetu
(New Delhi, India)

I am a patient of PSS (progressive system.tic sclerosis)with ILD. My lung capacity is very less, I take very short breath, my immune system is weak, and I am a patient of BP. I am having this problem for the last 14 years. I am 44 years old lady.

I have small gall stones also. I am doing pranayama for last 4 years. Will it benefit me and what other exercises can I do for Gall stones?

Please answer my questions. Thanks.

It is recommended that you follow the advice of your doctor and if your health permits get operated for your gall stones on priority.

Yoga breathing can help you to improve your immune system. If you are doing pranayama for four years, by now your health must have improved considerably.

Are you doing pranayama regularly or doing it once a while? Also, you have to ensure that your technique is proper. Seek help of a yoga teacher to get the correct technique for pranayama exercises and guidance on how to proceed further.

If there is no progress in yoga, it results in stagnation. You must continue with pranayama and gradually proceed to increase the number of repetitions and duration of breathing. Seeking guidance of a yoga teacher in person is essential for you.

Yoga can help to improve your health provided you follow a simple lifestyle, eat moderately and exercise regularly. If you are a working women,
reducing stress levels becomes equally important. An underlying faith that yoga can help you to improve your health and your own will power are the most effective tools.

A combination of few asanas, pranayama and meditation will be ideal for you.
~ Asanas. If your health permits, you may consider doing any asanas that you feel comfortable for example trikonasana,tadasana, bhujang asana, pavanmuktasana, vajrasana or sukhasana.

~ Pranayama (alom vilom, ujjayi and bhramri)

~ Relax in shavasana

~ Practice aum recitation and meditation. You can try yoga nidra for relaxation if you are not doing meditation. Or try yoga nidra before sleeping at night.

Try to practice more of rhythmic breathing as it will also help to improve your breathing.

Hope this helps.

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