Pranayama For Breathlessness, Hiatus Hernia And Crohns Disease

by Carmen Spence

My name is Carmen, and I have Crohns Disease, as a former smoker, who stopped 12 years ago. I also have lung difficulties, with severe breathlessness and fatigue. I have Crohns under control, now with natural supplements. I am also diagnosed with Hiatus Hernia.

During much research have come across how breathing can help your breathlessness, tried some breath holds that helped me. I was so pleased, then came across your site, hope you can help me with your pranayama exercises. I am a pensioner and my age is 70 years of age. I live in Queensland Hinterland.


1. Try to find a yoga teacher or yoga therapist in your area to get personal advice. Once you learn the correct techniques you can do yoga at home.

2. You may need to lose weight. For this purpose, eat as per the yogic diet principles. You need to drain toxins from your body. Detox the body by simplifying your diet by eating fruits, raw food or boiled food. Get a healthy diet plan from a dietician. You will find some great healthy eating advice in the book "Fit For Life A New Beginning" by Harvey Diamond.

3. Consult your doctor about starting yoga breathing exercises. Regarding pranayama, start with only deep rhythmic deep breathing (5 to 10 minutes) for few weeks followed by yoga nidra practice. Gradually if you feel better increase the duration of deep breathing to up to 15 minutes.

Hope this helps.

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