Pranayama After One Hour Of Dinner

by Gopal Ghosh
(Kolkata, WB, India)

Can I do pranayama after one hour of eating dinner and before going to bed? I am practicing exercise and yoga for my back/ knee & shoulder pain under the guidance of World Yoga Society, Kolkata since February 26th regularly. Please let me know whether I can do Pranayama after one hour of Dinner before go to bed for better sleep.


Hello Gopal Ghosh

1. Even if you do pranayama in the morning or evening, you can observe the effect of pranayama on your health throughout the day.

2. It is not recommended to plan your pranayama practice after eating dinner.

3. If you are too keen on doing pranayama after dinner. Just eat easily digestible dinner consisting of fruits or vegetables. After one to one and half hour, practice rhythmic breathing for few minutes followed by few ujjayi breaths. Thereafter lie down in shavasana and practice yoga nidra.

4. However, you can sit in vajra asana after dinner. While sitting in vajra asana, focus on your breath and just become aware of your breathing. Just do mindful breathing and relax.

Hope this helps.

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Apr 08, 2019
by: Anonymous

Can we do pranayam directly without practising any asana or warming up our body ????
I have palpitation due to my anxiety. Can I hold my breath while doing anulom vilom?

You need to do pranayama under guidance only. Do not hold breath in any pose unless doing under guidance.

Hope it helps

Mar 28, 2012
Yoga And Pranayama
by: gopal ghosh

Thanks for your advise. Actually I am doing exercise & Yoga followed by Vastika & Surya Bhedan Pranayama early in the morning at about 5.15 AM for one and half hours every day since February and getting excellent result. For better sleep I am doing Surya Veda Pranayama at bed time.

Editors Note
It is good to know that you are benefitted with your regular yoga practice. But I will add that in case you need help in relaxing before sleeping, relaxing pranayama like ujjayi or rhythmic breathing will be much better. Or alternatively try shavasana and yoga nidra.

Have a great practice.

Warm regards

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