Positive Transition of Life And Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

by Sarita Shah

I was suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) since ages and visited different doctors from several countries. All the doctors I had seen so far prescribed similar medications which helped me but I was agitated of taking medication for years and also the treatment was expensive. Alternative therapy idea clicked in my mind and then I searched about yoga and IBS. I started practicing yoga first and then meditation. Two years of daily yoga practice helped me so much that I left all the medication and also worked on my daily diet plan. Lately, yoga also stopped working and I started seeing the doctors again but I was agitated of seeing different doctors and I had financial issue too. I thought to look free IBS therapy online and that’s how I encountered this website. I explained to them my health conditions and I was suggested to take EFT sessions. I was newly married and I was going through some family issues which we thought are triggering to my health. Additionally, I also joined a new job and I was eating in the office canteen and I later realized office meal is triggering my health as well. I was emotionally on roller coaster, then EFT sessions, including meditation and guidance in yoga somehow improved my health condition. But it did not help for long so it got severe at one point I had to see a doctor again. I was still following alternative therapies as suggested and also taking medication. The health status was improving and degrading. I had different tests done but nothing helped. However, emotional condition of my health has improved. The support I got from Daljit helped me to see life in different way, my perspective towards problems had changed and I was now emotionally strong and I had learnt acceptance and gratitude. Though, my health condition did not improve much but the emotional trigger (as IBS is triggered by emotional status) was low. Today I am positive towards life, and its obvious sometimes I feel low and irritated, that’s part of human emotion, but I don’t let any emotional trigger to bother me. Daljit gave me her valuable time and I received many sessions, all free of cost. Still she supports me by sending motivational messages. I did not knew what had happened to my health. Daljit's guidance gave me much needed relief though I did not heal completely. I will always remain grateful to her in my life.

Sarita Shah

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May 03, 2020
May God Bless You
by: Daljit

Thanks for this valuable feedback. Keep up with your daily yoga and meditation practice to stay relaxed and you will enjoy good health.
Good Luck

Warm Regards

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